Additionally referred to as “cottage cheese ceilings” or “acoustic ceilings,” popcorn ceilings were once a popular approach many years ago to hide imperfections with a bumpy texture that resembles popcorn. However, this old style fashion ceiling remedy, which changed into usually sprayed on or painted on with plastic or styrofoam texture, makes a room appearance dated. Many homeowners desire to put off their popcorn ceilings — specially whilst stepping into a brand new home — however do not desire to undergo the hassle and capacity health dangers related to the extremely tedious chore. Underneath is a guide to information the charges worried with hiring a contractor to perform the work.

Price to dispose of popcorn ceilings

In preferred, contractors rate according to rectangular foot for elimination of popcorn ceilings. On common, the fee is among $1/sf and $2/sf, with the common homeowner spending around $1,565 to do away with the old and possibly cracked texture from the ceiling. But, that cost will growth if the popcorn ceiling were painted over, and the addition of asbestos may even growth the fee of removal. Asbestos removal can cost among $3/sf and $7/sf, with whole homes costing up to $4,500 for remedy. Owners ought to additionally do not forget the price of painting or including any other ceiling treatment as soon as the popcorn ceiling is eliminated.

Popcorn ceilings elimination price factors

The maximum vital aspect for determining the price of popcorn ceilings is whether there may be asbestos that also desires to be eliminated. expenses for asbestos elimination can variety between $60 and $2,750, with the average value of $882. Specialists are necessary to do this paintings, as the fabric is unsafe to your health. Even touching it’s miles volatile. Asbestos was utilized in construction due to its fire-resistant houses; but, it is now related to many deadly diseases together with mesothelioma cancer. There are six types of asbestos, and they are all taken into consideration carcinogenic. If the popcorn ceiling has been tested not to have asbestos, owners are capable of cast off it themselves if you want to reduce labor charges. But, it’s a surprisingly hard work-in depth project. Larger rooms mean extra paintings and greater mess. There are often extra expenses associated with the undertaking that may be neglected while setting a price range.

Other popcorn price concerns for removing popcorn ceilings

There may be greater to putting off popcorn ceilings than simply the simple labor of disposing of it. Is it part of a larger remodeling task? Regardless, a new ceiling remedy can be vital, such as the addition of a tin ceiling or a coffered ceiling. It will be essential to apply drywall mud to the ceiling and sand it flat to create a smooth floor for any very last treatment. This price may be an extra $one hundred sixty to $two hundred consistent with room. Other materials which might be necessary for the task include disposal of scrapings and installation waste, in addition to the materials had to put off the texture itself like seam tape, corner beads and topping compound. Particles disposal costs around $seventy five, while additional elements can price round $35.

Reasons to do away with popcorn ceilings

There are numerous reasons to take away popcorn ceilings, and the maximum vital is the related health risks for homes that brought the feel earlier than the clean air act of 1978. Earlier than then, contractors used asbestos to create the appearance. But even more latest popcorn ceilings can turn out to be cracked or damaged, making the room unsightly and highlighting the imperfection. Whilst homeowners are thinking about selling their homes with popcorn ceilings, it’s also an excellent idea to take away the old skool appearance to increase the ability interest for shoppers. Popcorn ceilings can decrease the price of the house via truly making it less in all likelihood to sell, in line with actual property retailers.

How to remove popcorn ceilings

The first step to casting off popcorn ceilings is to ensure there is no asbestos. Have the house tested before doing any paintings or contacting a expert to reduce the fees and ability fitness dangers related to handling asbestos. This take a look at could price between $four hundred and $800, and a observe up inspection after a venture is entire — to ensure whole removal — may be any other $2 hundred. If the house changed into built before 1977, do not forget this price when determining a reworking price range. Having asbestos calls for hiring an accepted asbestos inspector and contractor who’re licensed to deal with asbestos in a secure way. If the house is greater contemporary and trying out is not necessary, doing away with popcorn ceilings is possible as a diy assignment, but it’s extraordinarily exertions-intensive and messy. Substances, such as a large drywall scraper, drywall knife, paint roller, spray bottle, water and a drop material are needed for the paintings. Contractors will prep the room absolutely by way of masking all items, which includes fans and floors, with plastic sheets. The ceiling will want to be sprayed with warm water, however it is simple to over-saturate the ceiling and motive brought harm to the drywall that is below the texture. Subsequent, the scraper is used to remove the feel, but once more it’s miles wise to have a professional, as it is very viable to gouge the ceiling and depart marks that will want to be filled in or included as a part of the final ceiling treatment. Cleanup and very last treatment of the ceiling rounds out the mission.

Popcorn elimination price per hour

Primary labor, inclusive of scraping and removing the debris, planning, location instruction, and cleanup will commonly run owners between $15 and $forty in line with hour when hiring a expert. It may absorb to 20 hours of work for a 500-square foot area, averaging between $three hundred to $750.

The average quantity you could assume to pay for elimination is handiest one piece of the puzzle. Knowledge the whole lot concerned on this assignment permit you to build a more accurate budget. It’s additionally crucial to realize that these prices vary among contractors and locations.

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