The Renaissance of Parquet Flooring: Modern Styles and Patterns 

Parquet flooring means arranging wooden pieces in different styles to make your floors aesthetic and timeless. It gained popularity in the mid-1990s when it replaced carpeting or marble stones with geometrical shapes of wooden articles. Parquet floors show both classic and modern timeframes. However, during the 20th century, it became affordable for both commercial and residential needs. Your parquet floors experienced a renaissance from traditional designs to modern patterns.  

Your parquet designs secure your floors from footprints or maintenance costs. Whether you are looking for wooden floors resistant to direct sunlight or humidity, your parquet floors give scratch-free and long-lasting impressions. 

In this blog, we will illuminate the evolution of parquet flooring in traditional, modern, and future appearances. By reading this blog, you will understand the various phases of parquet floors. 

What Are the Classic Parquet Flooring Styles? 

Parquet flooring styles started in the 16th century in France when skilled artisans-built floors in royal palaces with wood pieces and geometric designs. They replaced old marble flooring with parquet flooring, which became popular for its superior looks and elegance. With the changing times, parquet floors showed exotic styles for beautifully designed wood panels.  

Your traditional herringbone parquet floors show the V-shaped designs of rectangular wood panels. They are known for their sophistication and timeless presentations. Whether you want parquet floors with zigzag motifs or to attract visual appeals from people, your chevron parquet shapes provide an all-time fashionable appearance. Whenever you want parquet floors with a combination of squares and rectangular wood shapes, your basketweave parquet designs are the best choice for your floors.  

To get inspiring French palace parquet interiors, your first choice for your floors will be Versailles parquet patterns. Further, whether you are looking for weaving patterns for your wooden floors, you go for classic brick-style parquet for your interiors. 

What Are the Contemporary Patterns Of Parquet Flooring?  

With the changing trends, parquet floor designs have evolved. People focus more on the cost-effectiveness and utility of flooring solutions. Your modern-day parquet floors are easy to install and show vibrant colour schemes. Whether you want versatility with stylish appearances, your modern parquet floors are prepared from hardwood, plywood, and foils. They are more stylish and exotic than traditional chevron or basketweave parquets.  

Your matita parquet floors are made from two wooden types: oak and walnut wood. Your matita parquet has diamond-shaped designs for your floor. Whether you want curvy or floral floors, your marquetry parquet patterns are artistic and stunning. You can have a personal touch by adopting these contemporary parquet patterns. If you want to focus on conservative yet aesthetic floors, medallion parquet offers contemporary and modern looks for your kitchen and dining rooms. Your parquet floors look more inspirational with crescent and sextant style wooden tiles, which decorate your floors with jigsaw patterns and ceramic styles.  

How Does Parquet Flooring Provide Sustainable Practices? 

With the renaissance of parquet flooring, your parquet wooden tiles provide sustainable solutions. Your modern parquet floors are eco-friendly and made from wooden planks. The material is easily available. Your wooden floors are recyclable and reusable. They do not affect deforestation. They not only enhance the aesthetics of your homes but also cause low carbon emissions. They are stylish and offer sustainable practices. 

How Can You Make Parquet Flooring Affordable? 

Your new parquet designs are made from hardwoods, which include wooden planks from bamboo, walnut, or chestnut trees. Your parquet designers develop less expensive wooden tiles and sell them in cartons. In the UKA, your parquet wooden tile costs £3 to £5 per square foot. Homeowners find it cheap as compared to other flooring options.  

As timber is easily available because of the abundance of oak or chestnut trees, your parquet floors are getting cost-effective due to vinyl planks. Furthermore, the making wooden tiles for the floor includes easily accessible materials. They are installed with minimum costs. Your new parquet wooden blocks bear low wear and tear costs.  

What Will Be the Future Outlooks Of Parquet Flooring? 

With the evolution of parquet flooring, designers focus more on different shapes and geometric patterns for wooden planks. Your wooden tiles for floors will show constant growth in the coming years. With the increasing number of consumers, your parquet floors will provide sustainable and aesthetic solutions for commercial and residential purposes.  

Manufacturers of wooden tiles for floors are looking to revive old parquet floors with certain changes in vinyl and laminated materials. Overall, the parquet flooring market grows at a 6% rate. Furthermore, your parquet floors will be more elegant and exotic in the future due to the incorporation of advanced software for graphic designs.  


In the final recap, your parquet flooring has evolved. The Renaissance period of wooden planks for floors started in the 16th century but gained importance during the 20th century. In the past, your traditional chevron or herringbone parquet designs were popular. However, vinyl lamination of modern wooden tiles with exotic, complex geometrical shapes has impacted commercial and residential use. Hence, whether you are looking for an affordable, sustainable, or everlasting appearance of your interiors, your parquet floors offer a wide variety of designs and vibrant looks.  

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