Get American Heart Association CPR Certification

Since CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) might be the only thing between life and death it to some people can be a lifesaving training. Approximately 600,000 cases of cardiac arrests occur outside hospitals and intervening with CPR saves patient’s lives in more than one-half of the cases. The global authority on cardiopulmonary resuscitation deal (CPR) is the American Heart Association (AHA). This article will discuss multiple benefits of getting american heart association cpr certification as well as stress that you should not be hesitant to get this life-saving skill in your province Quebec.

Why to Get AHA CPR Certified?

There are numerous compelling reasons to get certified in CPR by the American Heart Association:

Saving Lives

This 80 to 100% survival rate of cardiac arrest victims can be assured by early CPR Having CPR knowledge could turn you into the first responder and especially save someone’s life in an urgent situation.

Increased Confidence

The certification of the CPR diploma is something that provides you with the expertise and experience to act confidently in a situation at the edge of life and death.

Peace of Mind

It is you who will be able to make the difference between life and death after performing CPR, thus having you utilize this process gives you peace of mind not only for yourself but also for your surrounding community.

Workplace Requirements

Many jobs with requirements ranging from healthcare to teaching and guarding/counseling pools include CPR certification.

Fulfilling Requirement for In-Home Care

Observe that the probability of a job in home care being CPR certification depends on whether this is an essential qualification in a given employer’s requirement.

AHA CPR Certification Options

The AHA offers a variety of CPR training and certification courses to suit different needs:

Basic Life Support (BLS)

This basic course teaches CPR for Adults, Children, and Infants among professionals like nurses, doctors, and assistants. Besides it includes the application AED as well.

Heartsaver CPR

This 2.5-hour course will teach you only medical airway obstruction; mouth-to-mouth breath; cardiac arrest; and both adults and children CPR. Besides, it is an appropriate option for those who desire to have CPR qualification without obtaining the complete BLS credential.

Healthcare Provider CPR

The course is meant for healthcare providers, and includes CPR basic life support techniques and airway management.

The CPR Certification Process

The process of obtaining AHA CPR certification typically involves:

Choosing a Course

Choose a nationally recognized training facility, like the American Heart Association, that gives the required CPR course.

Completing the Training

The training program will be divided into a classroom session which will cover the CPR methods and then contain a practical part where trainees will exercise with CPR mannequins, and end up with the theoretical exam.

Passing the Skills Test

Complete your CPR training by having a professional instructor carry out a performance with you on a mannequin.


CPR certification is a power tool that puts you in a position to possibly save the precious life of another individual during a life-threatening situation. American Heart Association is the leading organization to provide all sorts of training courses that revolve around knowledge and confidence to deal with CPR successfully. When deciding what would be worth spending money on, look up taking a CPR certification course – it could be the thing you will be most grateful for.

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