How to Start a Computer Repair Business in 2023

How to Start a Computer Repair Business

  1. Decide if the Business Is Right for You
  2. Hone Your Idea
  3. Brainstorm a Business Name
  4. Create a Business Plan
  5. Register Your Business
  6. Register for Taxes
  7. Fund your Business
  8. Apply for Licenses/Permits
  9. Open a Business Bank Account
  10. Get Business Insurance
  11. Prepare to Launch
  12. Build Your Team
  13. Start Making Money!

Who hasn’t managed a PC mishap or a terrible PC infection that necessary master care? We’ve all been there, which is the reason US PC and gadgets fix is valued at $19 billion. On the off chance that you’re great with PCs, you could begin your own maintenance administration, give individuals pleasure by fixing their PCs and get a little cut of this huge market Laptop screen cost uk.

Remember, PC fix administrations don’t come modest, and can run as high as $80 60 minutes. You can get in on the activity for a little venture and run your maintenance firm from home. As your business develops, you could lease a retail facade and sell PCs and other hardware, as well as fix them.

While PC abilities are vital, some business shrewd is likewise expected to send off a worthwhile PC fix business. Luckily, you’ll acquire that clever by perusing this bit by bit guide and be en route to progress as a PC fix business person.

Step 1: Decide if the Business Is Right for You

Beginning a PC fix business has upsides and downsides to think about prior to choosing if it’s ideal for you.


Great Cash – Charge $60 to $80 each hour

Adaptability – Maintain your business from home, work by arrangement

Tackle Issues – Clients will see the value in your administrations


Abilities Required – Should be a PC professional with phenomenal abilities

Contracting Business sector – With minimal expense PCs, many decide to supplant not fix

Pros and cons

The US PC fix administrations market is supposed to see consistent, if slow, development through 2025, offering valuable open doors to gifted and committed technicians. Computer repair shop UK

Industry size and development

Industry size and past development – The electronic and PC fix administrations industry in the US is worth more than $19 billion after a slight decrease in late years.[2]

Development figure – PC fix organizations will find supported interest for their administrations as the market is anticipated to develop insignificantly at 1.3% each year through 2025.[3]

Number of organizations – There are in excess of 47,000 PC fix administrations suppliers in the US.[4]

Number of individuals utilized – The business utilizes in excess of 138,000 individuals.

Computer repair industry trends

Patterns in PC fix include:

The PC fix industry has gone to substitution of parts as opposed to fix, as well as safeguard administrations like infection insurance. Debacle recuperation is likewise a help center. Infection evacuation is as yet quite possibly of the most fundamental help.

The establishment of systems administration frameworks for people and organizations is a huge help an open door for PC fix administrations.

Versatile PC fix is sought after as individuals stay at home more and need the comfort of in-home fix.

Industry challenges include:

As PC costs keep on dropping, clients are many times swapping PCs as opposed to paying for costly fixes or PC upkeep.

The entry of large players into the PC fix business, like Best Purchase’s Nerd Crew, is coming down on little PC fix organizations.

Trends and challenges

surface pro repair Potential client base – In 2018, 92% of US families had no less than one sort of computer.[5]

Normal costs – The typical expense to fix a PC is $60 per hour.[6]

Consumer spending

Orientation – 90% of PC fix experts in the US are male, while 10% are female.[7]

Normal degree of schooling – 41% of PC fix experts have a partner degree and 34% hold an unhitched male’s degree.[8]

Normal age – The typical age of a PC fix specialist is 41 years old.[9]

How much does it cost to start a computer repair business?

Startup costs for a PC fix business range from $4,000 to $12,000. The low end expects that you’re now a confirmed specialist with a dependable PC, and costs will be fundamentally a site, instruments, and showcasing. The very good quality incorporates the expense of a PC as well as preparing. All situations expect you’ll begin a portable PC fix business from home.

You can take online classes and gain significant level certificate from the PC Innovation Industry Affiliation (CompTIA) in a year for a complete expense of around $2,000.

You’ll require a small bunch of things to effectively send off your PC fix business, including:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Tweezers
  • Multi-testers
  • Power supply testers
  • POST cards
  • Crimper pliers
  • Thermal paste
  • Multi-meter
  • Thermal camera

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