How to Fix DELL Keyboard not Working

There is an inquiry on the discussion: I looked through the local area and Internet and couldn’t find a fix for my console not working…a part of thoughts yet none worked. This article can fix Keyboard not working in Windows 10 Dell PC.

Section 1: Why won’t my dell PC console work

1. Is it a Driver Problem?

Right snap on “this pc”,click on the “make due”, see as the “gadget chief”, we really want to track down the console gadget, grow the choices, attempt to uninstall and afterward restart the PC.

2. PC Crash

At times it is possible that the framework is handling a lot of information, making the framework be in a stuck-on crash state, which makes the DELL Laptop console lethargic. As of now, we just have to restart the PC to take care of the issue.

3. Equipment Failure

We can attempt to reset the equipment to check whether it can take care of the issue that keys not working in Dell PC.

For PCs with outer batteries:

  1. Close all windows and turn the PC off.
  2. Once the PC is off, separate the AC connector (power) and eliminate the battery.
  3. After eliminating the battery and separating the power rope, leave the PC off for 30 seconds and keeping in mind that off, press and hold the power button in 5-10 second spans.
  4. After 30 seconds, set the battery back in the PC and associate the power rope.
  5. Turn on the PC.
  6. For the battery worked in laptop,start from stage 2 above. Eliminate the AC connector, track down a little opening in the PC D cover, called the “reset opening”, utilize a needle supplement and press thesmall opening, then, at that point, put 7) the battery back in the PC and associate the power string.

Turn on the PC.

Assuming that you enter the BIOS and can utilize the bolt keys to explore utilizing the console Computer Repair Services near me, this will demonstrate that there isn’t dell PC console broken, which might be an issue with the working framework or dell PC console locked.

The most effective method to Reset Bios:

  1. Click “Begin”, Turn off Computer,and Restart.
  • On the Dell Load screen, press F2 to enter the BIOS.
  • After stacking, contingent upon the adaptation of the BIOS, you can utilize the “F9” key to reset the default to Load Defaults.
  • Press “Esc” on your console and select Save and exit, or snap the “Leave” button (contingent upon your profiles form).
  • Press the “Enter” key to save all changes and leave the BIOS screen. Permit the framework to restart.

Section 2: How toFix Keyboard not Typing

1.DELL Keyboard Numbers not Working

Number lock (num lock) is a key on abnormal PC console. It is a kind of switch key that when exchanged on,enables to utilize the numeric keys on the console.

2. After Windows 10 Upgrade Dell Keyboard not Working.

Subsequent to refreshing to Windows 10, the coordinated console can work in a few certain applications, (for example, Notepad),but can’t utilize different drivers (like Microsoft Office or Microsoft Edge program). windows 10 PC console not working when you enter letters on the program.

The most effective method to Reset windows 10:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Select “Update &security”
  3. Click Recovery in the left sheet.
  4. Click Get begun under Reset this PC.
  5. Click all things considered “Keep my documents” or “Eliminate everything,” contingent upon whether you need to keep.

3. DELL PC Keyboard Stopped Working in Windows 7

Protected Mode Restart your PC and select the “latest great arrangement”. This will fix the inaccessible of the PC console because of program clashes as of late, for more information laptop repair Bolton.

4. Console Keys Stick and Few Keys not Working

Check for dust particles and tacky articles under the keys. Utilize a brush or compressed air can to pass over the residue under the key and check if the vital re-visitations of working appropriately.

5.Laptop Keyboard Types Wrong Characters

You might have to change the standard design of your nation or the important settings for your console keys.

6. Actually look at the Keyboard in Safe Mode

Some product will change the console input when you use it.

7.Try an External Keyboard

Assuming you have attempted all the above steps,try associating an outside console to your PC and checking in the event that it can type characters.

8.  On DELL Laptop Some Keys don’t Work

By and large, the keys on the console can be taken out independently, you can attempt to eliminate the bombed key and yet again introduce.

You would rather not supplant the console when a couple of keys is broken, you can supplant the messed up key with a key that isn’t utilized as a rule, so you don’t have to change the PC console.

Supplant Laptop Keyboard by Free Software:

  1. When one of your console’s keys is broken, you would rather not burn through large chunk of change to supplant the whole console due to one key.
  2. You can utilize a product called”Map Keyboard”.
  3. Start the product and select the key you will use to supplant the wrecked key.
  4. Select “Re Map chosen key to” and select the messed up key “G”.
  5. Click on “Save layout”and the PC will restart.
  6. After restarting, you will find that the key you set can be composed with “G” so you can keep on utilizing your console without evolving it.
  7. 7­) If you need to reestablish the format of the console, you can begin the product once more, click on “Reset console design”.
  8. 8­) After the restart, it will be reestablished.


We can likewise utilize the on-screen console that accompanies the windows framework. Obviously, the on-screen console has restricted works and isn’t helpful to work. It is suggested for crisis utilization of the console.

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