How To Buy An Eames Style Chair Without Getting Ripped-Off?

With its grained wood and comfy leather cushions, the legendary Eames style chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture firm in 1956 exudes refinement and a mid-century modern attitude. Unfortunately, it also comes with a price tag that prevents the typical buyer from purchasing it.

If you’re fortunate enough to have inherited an Eames-style chair as a family heirloom or found one at an estate sale, congratulations.

If you haven’t already, prepare to pay upwards of $8,000 for a genuine Eames-style chair for your living room or office.

The higher price tag is slightly easier to swallow because the design of these chairs has proven to be timeless, and you’re paying for the craftsmanship of the original design, but if you’re not ready to spend that much money on a chair for your home, you can find a decent Eames chair replica that provides the same classic style for a lot less.

While there are many replicas of the iconic chair on the market, finding the proper one—and, more crucially, a respectable one—can be challenging when the internet is swamped with chairs that appear to be of high quality in photographs but may not be when delivered.

There are a few crucial elements to look for while looking for an Eames-style chair imitation that won’t let you down.

1. Purchase from a trusted vendor.

Going to a recognized retailer is the greatest way to get a reputable chair. This includes stores like Wayfair, from which you’ve very likely already purchased furniture. You can go for a vendor who takes down the reproduction of Eames chair.

Buying replicas from these places is a secure decision because these stores have customer care specialists who can assist you if there is a problem with the goods.

2. Third-party vendors should be avoided.

There’s one caveat to buying things from renowned retailer sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target: be aware of third-party sellers.

When a retailer’s website specifies that an item is shipped and sold by a seller rather than Amazon, for example, you can detect these merchants. This means the item will never pass through an Amazon warehouse, and you will be without the assurance of another set of eyes inspecting the product for quality.

In other words, you can’t be certain of what you’ll get.

3. Check out the feedback from previous customers.

When it comes to purchasing products, think of reviews as your closest friend. They’re first-hand accounts of the goods, so you’ll know what to anticipate.

Major merchants such as Amazon and Wayfair have verified reviewers who have purchased the item, ensuring that the reviews are genuine and not bots.

Even if you can’t find a certified reviewer on a website, looking for products with a lot of reviews and 4-plus star ratings is the greatest way to feel secure about your purchase.

A natural timber frame with leather cushions and a chrome swivel stand are two features that truly embody the Eames chair design. There are some stunning designs available from reputable retailers that are well worth looking into.

Wayfair’s Corrigan Studio Delfeena design is a wonderful choice. It comes from a reputable retailer that can provide customer assistance in the event of an issue. Even if it just has one review, it’s still trustworthy because the reviewer is a member of the Wayfair reviewing community and has confirmed that they received this item.

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