How to get an international driving licenses UK?

Do you know there are three types of international driving permits? Worried about how to get an international driving license Uk?  No need to worry, is here for you. You can easily get your IDP from us and get the freedom to drive in more than 150 countries. 

Do you need an international driving license

Whether you need one or not international driving license depends upon where you are traveling or whether you want to drive there IDP is not a new thing to hear. It is common abroad because, with IDP, you are not able to drive a vehicle legally. If you also plan to drive outside of your country, like Uk, you must get your international driving licenses London. It is an important requirement in a foreign country, and you should fulfill it. 

Necessary information you required to apply for IDP UK 

The process of applying for IDP through the post office or in the office is quite complex and takes more time. So, it is suggested to apply for IDP online uk via The process to apply for IDP online will only take 10-15 minutes. You only need to give a few details to apply for IDP online 

  • Name
  • Phone number, email
  • Birthplace
  • Residency
  • Driver license number
  • Driving license picture and headshot picture for your international driving license. 

How much time it takes to get your IDP

If you have a photo, then it does not take a long time to get IDP. For the easiest and hassle-free way to get your IDP, you should choose 

IDP UK has three different regional offices in parts of the UK, the USA, Germany, and turkey. Once you submit your IDP application, it is submitted to the nearest office based on your shipping address. Then your IDP is shipped from the nearest regional office to provide you with fast and cost-effective delivery. 

How to get the international driving license 

The process of getting the IDP online is easy, simple, and safe if you do it through our site,

You can apply for an international driving permit directly here. We can issue the 1926 and 1949 IDPs that are valid for 150 countries all over the world. For this, you should be eligible by having a full driving license, which covers the type of vehicles you want to drive abroad. Here are the easy steps in which you can get your international driving license uk

  • Fill out the application form online. 

The first important step you should do is to fill out your IDP application online. Ensure to have your domestic or national driving license to submit your application for an international driving license. 

  • Check Eligibility

The team of reviews the information filled in your application, determines whether all the information given by you is valid or not, and then checks your eligibility. They take this step to make a decision on whether your IDP application is approved or not

  • Get your valid IDP issues your IDP to you after checking your eligibility and personal information in your application form 

How long is your IDP valid for 

IDP online uk are come into three types, 1926 IDP, 1949 IDP, and 1968 IDP. Every different IDP covers different countries around the world. All the different IDPs allow you to drive the vehicle legally in more than 150 countries outside of your home country. How long your IDP is valid depends on the type of IDP you have. 

  • The 1926 IDP is valid for 1 year 
  • The 1949 IDP is valid for 3 years
  • The 1968 IDP is valid for 5 years 

How much the international driving licenses Uk cost 

According to the facts from, the costs of international driving licenses London also differ based on their types. The 1926 IDP costs 25 pounds per permit, the IDP 1949 costs 35 pounds per permit, and IDP 1968 costs 45 pounds per month

While applying for the IDP at, you have to fill out the application form, attach the necessary documents and essential license proof, and pay the specific fees to complete your IDP application process 

Rules you should know while driving in Uk

  • You should be 17-year age, to drive in uk legally. You can easily apply for IDP online at age of 16
  • If your age is 14 years, then also you can drive in the UK, but with some restrictions and a learner license 
  • You should wear a seat belt while driving in Uk, and else you should pay the 100 euro fine
  • If you drive the vehicle without a seatbelt and under the 14-year children with you, then you have to pay the 500 euro fine 

Conclusion is the best place that guides you and helps you to apply for your valid IDP online uk at your convenience. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, fill out the application form accurately, and attach the necessary documents, you can easily get your IDP in a short time.  

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