PitStopArabia has placed a strong emphasis on the importance of tyres from the start. Several of our blogs have emphasised the crucial functions of a tyre. However, many aspects of tyre safety are still ignored. The newest client mentioned getting used tyres. Well, if you are not careful, anyone could experience it. We sincerely request that our users only buy tyres from reputable sellers. But neither online tyre shopping nor tyre safety is the subject of this article. As an alternative, we give you access to another blog regarding tyre comparisons. We’ll compare Pirelli and Goodyear this time.


As its name implies, Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance is designed to provide the best performance. How? The specifics lie in the technology and tyre design. It incorporates WearControl Technology, which keeps the traction on dry and wet surfaces perfectly balanced. The tyre consequently has one of the best lifespans among its competitors.

Thanks to ActiveBraking Technology, driving is safer. The tyre provides greater all-year-round surface contact and grip thanks to this technology. Due to increased road grip on wet roads, the braking distance is reduced by 8%. 8% might not seem like a substantial amount when seen strictly in terms of numbers. However, it can undoubtedly prevent you from experiencing a terrible accident. Efficientgrip has the highest wet grip performance rating—A—permitted by EU regulations. Interior noise levels are decreased by up to 50% owing to SoundComfort technology.

The run-flat technology and built-in rim protection are features of the tyres. There is also the Pirelli P Zero PZ4. It is an incredibly high-performance tyre designed for pricey, exotic sports vehicles and opulent coupes. The P Zero PZ4 is distinctive due to its maker. Pirelli has a long history of supporting elite motorsports events. The company has access to information that others do not because of this association. The PZ4 is a great example of how to use data properly. This tyre is flawless! I’ll go through a few of its features with you now.

For automakers like McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes, Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley, and even Lamborghini, the PZ4 is an original equipment tyre. Not only that, but the tyre also incorporates run-flat technology. The PZ4 comes with a feature called the Pirelli Noise Cancelling SystemTM (PNCS), which is comparable to Goodyear’s SoundComfort Technology. It can also reduce tyre noise by 50%.

The altered pitch sequence and siping design also boosts fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance. You may drive your high-end sports cars thanks to the PZ4 without worrying about using too much fuel.

Due to the high silica content, the traction on wet surfaces is better than that of equivalent competing tyres.


Picking a winner in this scenario is challenging because both tyres make such a substantial contribution to the car. Additionally, the qualities are comparable. For instance, both tyres include run-flat technology and better noise-reduction features. And not just that. Additionally, they have comparable braking distances, which is supported by our customers.

The winner, however, is Pirelli’s P Zero PZ4 in our opinion. The reason for this is that Pirelli maintains close ties with significant racing events and acts as some of these events’ only tyre providers. It gives the company access to a wealth of knowledge, skills, and resources. Therefore, Pirelli must be taken into account when selecting tyres for luxury vehicles.


An SUV or 4×4 can be added to a larger-sized PZ4 without compromising on features or performance. The aforementioned points don’t need to be reiterated because they have previously been discussed. The Eagle F1 also has run-flat technology and SoundComfort, which reduces tyre noise by up to 50%. It also includes built-in rim guards. You are no longer required to be concerned about unanticipated curb damage.

The F1’s Active CornerGrip Technology enhances traction and handling on any road surface. Furthermore, CornerGrip Technology enhances tire-road contact, enhancing cornering control. The open tread portion of the asymmetric tread pattern distributes water away from the tread. As a result, using the F1 eliminates risks like aquaplaning.


The Goodyear F1 Asymmetric SUV is our top recommendation for SUVs and 4×4 tyres. The F1 has a lot to offer in comparison to the PZ4. Additionally, it is stronger and more resilient, as our customers have emphasised. Customers who have commended it as the most comfortable SUV tyre have no cause to disagree with us.

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