Do you have any questions for me?


This question isn’t just designed to make sure you leave with all of your questions answered; it’s intended to see if you’re prepared and to assess how curious and thoughtful you are.

Sample answer 1

By Jenny Foss, a Career Strategist at LinkedIn

I do have a few questions. Thanks for asking.

We talked a bit about your plans to invest in training opportunities for your current employees, especially those who will be managing the company’s transition to a centralized billing system.

I think that this is a great plan, and I’d love to support curriculum development.

Now, will most of the training modules be designed by this team? And will they be delivered in person, via webinar, or a video format? Or will you be using a hybrid approach?

Why this answer worked well:

· She showed that she had been paying attention to the conversation.

· She wanted to delve a bit further into a topic that they’d just discussed.

· She conveyed a lot of enthusiasm about supporting what sounds like a priority project for that organization.

Sample answer 2

By Product Manager Professional

Earlier in our conversation, you mentioned that there were some tensions between these two teams. Can you share more about where that comes from and how you think this will impact me in my role?

I’m very excited to hear that you’re also passionate about making sure that gig economy workers are paid a fair living wage. What are some of the biggest challenges in preventing our team from delivering on this promise?

Recently, I saw that the company had to deal with a sensitive subject on the news. How was this perceived and discussed internally?

Why this answer worked well:

· The candidate referenced earlier parts of the conversation, showing that they were interested and engaged.

· The questions show an awareness of and interest in how the company is perceived.

Sample answer 3

By Digital Analytics Manager Professional

How do you think I should approach the first 30 days in the role to best position myself for success in a new culture?

I know that your company has won numerous awards for workplace and community culture, and I have always prided myself in helping colleagues get active in the community. What do opportunities look like within your organization to get involved?

Why this answer worked well:

· The answer shows that the candidate has done their homework and has a genuine interest in getting involved across different aspects of the company culture and activities.

· The candidate showed their desire to succeed in the role by thinking about the on-boarding process.

Sample answer 4

By Regional Sales Manager Professional

What do you see as the most critical component of your business today that will contribute to your long-term success?

What challenges does your organization face today that you are working to overcome?

Regarding my role, what would you consider to be the most important factor in ensuring success?

Why this answer worked well:

· The candidate asked insightful questions that showed their willingness to be successful and ask for guidance.

· The answer showed interest in the future of the company.

Answer framework

The way you respond to this question shows employers if you’re engaged, intelligent, and interested. Here are some tips on how to answer:

Show them you’re paying attention.

It’s important to let them know you’ve been listening. You may want to take notes as the interview unfolds and then loop back to something you’d like to delve further into, like an aspect of the job, the team, or the challenges that lie ahead.

Let them know you’re excited.

While being qualified for the job is essential, showing passion for their products, brand, or industry takes it to the next level. So maybe you can ask a question about one of your favorite products they make or see how they’re responding to an industry trend.

Get them talking about their careers.

People love talking about themselves and appreciate when you notice the interesting things they’re doing. For example, you can ask them how they got from Job X to Job Y or how their work as a musician helped them in their current career. As a result, people hire people that they like and who seem genuinely interested in the role.


  • Come prepared with 3-5 thoughtful questions.
  • Ask questions that show you’re engaged, intelligent, and interested.
  • Avoid no-brainer questions or ones related to salary/benefits.

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