Why Is My Hot Water System Not Working?

How often do your hot water systems get thought about? You are not the only one who thinks about hot water when it’s broken. Many people don’t realise how vital hot water is to a well-functioning household until it becomes cold. Hot water systems, like all human-made inventions, tend to give up more often than we would like.

In Inline Plumbing can help you with your hot water system not working issues. Let’s look at the most common reasons hot water doesn’t work as it should. We will also discuss whether professional assistance is needed.

Not Working Hot Water System? Here Are 7 Of The Most Common Issues.

1. Are You Not Getting Enough Hot Water?

Are you having a half-full bath? Your thermostat could be on the blink. In Australia, water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees at the faucet or shower head outlet. It is strongly discouraged to mess with thermostats by yourself as it could result in hot water system damage, warranty voids, electrocution and even breaking the law.

2. Do You Have A Taste For Water?

Is it hot, but the water smells bad? It’s quite common for rotten eggs to occur, and is usually caused by bacteria. What’s the solution? Call your local plumber for a simple but serious tank flush.

3. Noisy System?

It is possible that sediment has built up near the hot water element, making it noisy. This can be fixed by a flush, as mentioned above. However, the element may also be at risk, especially if there are temperature inconsistencies. Also, check to see if your hot-water anode is in need of replacement. This could be the reason for the buildup.

4. Leaky Tank?

This is not good news. In most cases, hot water won’t work if the system is leaking. It could be a simple valve. For advice and assistance with replacing hot water heaters, you can refer to How to Diagnose a Leaking Hot Water System.

5. Are You Experiencing Low Pressure?

Have you noticed a decrease in the hot water pressure every time you turn on your tap? This is one of the most common problems with hot water. There are many possible causes for low hot-water pressure, including valves, pressure regulators and hidden leaks.

6. Are You Slow To Heat?

We all know how frustrating it is to wait in our bathing suits as the shower heats up. However, if your goosebumps continue to wait longer than normal over the course of several weeks, you may need some help or a complete replacement.

7. Last Cold Shower

Are you the one who has been the last person in your family to take a shower, and it’s cold? Although this may be a problem with your hot water, it is not necessarily a major issue in your life. Your tank may be too small to suit your family’s needs or your usage.


Inline Plumbing is able to repair hot water systems similar to yours! We can also replace and install hot water systems, if your hot water system not working properly, we use the most up-to-date brands. For friendly advice and assistance, get in touch with us today.

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