Type of cardboard and corrugated customize box

Walk to the attic of your house, and you will see a large number of cardboard boxes. customized eyelash boxes The cardboard box is a smooth container, suitable for shipping, packaging, and storage of products for individual consumers, along with equivalent commercial businesses. The cardboard box is widely used in packaging materials and promises the protection of goods and shipping upper class because it is very exposed to stress, such as thermal cycling, shocks, and vibrations.

Type of cardboard & cardboard material

Especially, cardboard mailer boxes are categorized into two shapes, such as paper paper boxes and bumpy boxes. In this guide, we have cured information on the type of main cardboard box, along with relevant examples. Let’s check then!

Paperboard boat box

Paperboard is defined as 0.010 inches (its thickness) and can be designed in a thicker form of standard paper. The process of making paper paper boxes starts with pulp, which is commonly known as the separation of sapwood and hard wood into fiber. For this purpose, chemicals, and mechanical methods, are implemented.

Bakers box

If you are a fan of donuts and cupcakes, you will know about the bread box. These boxes are suitable for accommodating baked goods so that they are easily sent to customers

Food & Cereal Boxes

These are some of the most common types of paper paper food boxes available. Generally, this is available as a box board and tends to store processed foods, such as cereals and pasta.

Toiletries & medicine boxes

Whether it’s soap or lotion, shampoo, or drugs, everything is stored in paper paper boxes. Likewise, these boxes are available at drug stores and pharmacies.

Gift Box & Shirt Box

If you want an example of a gift box that can be folded, and folding paper boxes, shirt boxes and gift boxes are perfect examples. That is, because they can be easily stored and sent. Likewise, they can be folded easily and efficiently in a form that can be used at any time needed.

Bumpy box

Every time the term cardboard is concerned, usually means a corrugated fiber board and is widely used to make various shapes of corrugated boxes. This wavy fiber board box is designed with various layers of paper paper, usually two exterior layers, along with one internal bumpy layer. As for the internal layer, it is very thin, therefore a different pulp shape.

Anti-static corrugated box

These boxes are designed to manage the impact of static electricity. custom e cigarette To start with, static is a type of electric charge that accumulates in the case of zero electric current outlets. After the static starts to accumulate, a little trigger will produce an electric charge channel. Static costs are usually smaller but can cause product damage. For this purpose, anti-static corrugated boxes are designed with anti-static chemicals to treat electronic transportation, along with storage.

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