These are the Reasons to Use a Memory Card Reader

Being able to access information is a driving point of our society. Smartphones have made it a lot easier but there is one accessory that has made using any kind of mobile device a lot easier: memory cards.

Though the average person may not realize it, using a memory card reader is essential if you access memory cards of any kind on a regular basis. There are a few major reasons why you should have a memory card reader in your repertoire.

They Use Less Energy

An underrated aspect of using a memory card reader from a vendor like RS is its ability to use less energy than other storage devices. While that might not seem all that important, consider the effect it has on the batteries of mobile devices. Those who work on the go a lot know how valuable it can be to get the most out of battery life.

When connected to a computer, devices like smartphones or digital cameras will transfer data but do so at the expense of the device’s battery. Should the battery die during the middle of a data transfer, it can cause damage to the data in the process. Card readers won’t suck the life out of your battery.

Hold Up Long-Term

Despite coming in small sizes, memory card readers are actually quite good at reducing wear and tear. What most people don’t realize is that connecting devices directly to a computer or laptop results in greater wear and tear to not only the device but the memory card within.

Having a memory card is a quick, convenient, and safe way to transfer data. They are subjected to much less wear and tear, extending the life of your device in the process. If you do data transfers quite a bit, doing so with your device can lead to data failure and even a potential repair as well. Those repairs don’t come cheaply and should be avoided by any means.

Plug and Play

The beauty of a truly great accessory is its ease of use. Not everyone is tech-savvy, so making things easy provides more universal access. Memory card readers are very easy to use because they are plug-and-play, which means that they can just be plugged in and used without any additional steps.

Some devices require additional drivers in order to use them. Memory card readers plug into the computer, are recognized almost instantly, and become available to use in just a few seconds. Even those who aren’t confident in their computer skills will feel good about using a memory card reader to transfer data.

Faster Read/Write Speed

The final reason to use a memory card reader has to do with data transfer speed. In this day and age, we want our data as fast as possible. Though it may not seem like it, using a memory card reader is a simple yet effective way to improve data transfer speeds. Compared to plugging right into the computer, using a memory card reader will improve read/write speed exponentially.

Memory card readers have a substantially higher read/write speed compared to connecting a device directly to your computer or laptop. Coupled with the improved data protection, there is no reason to avoid using a memory card reader. There are plenty of other reasons that memory card readers are great to have – reliability, universal use, etc. If you have just been connecting your smartphone or digital camera directly to your computer, it’s time to make an upgrade. For a modest price, a memory card reader can drastically improve those data transfers.

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