The Rise of Hasbulla

Hasbulla draws fans through an intriguing combination of Gen Z bro culture and mixed martial arts (MMA). Fans love his charismatic persona, yet long to witness him battle in the ring.

This Russian star, popularly dubbed “mini Khabib,” has recently made waves online and via TikTok and Instagram. It is thought that his genetic condition has stunted his growth while giving him an unusual high-pitched voice.


Even though he is short, Hasbulla does not view himself as a dwarf. In an interview with Full Send podcast in 2021, Hasbulla expressed distaste at being called that word and rather wanted to be known simply as “a Russian fighter” or Hasbulla.

Most individuals living with dwarfism have an inherited condition called achondroplasia; however, other medical issues that restrict growth such as clubfeet or scoliosis could also contribute to it. Treatment may include physical therapies as well as cognitive behavioral therapies to address its causes.

Dwarfism can typically be treated using synthetic growth hormone injections given daily to children until they reach their maximum height, typically the average adult height in their family. Once at maximum height, however, these daily injections continue to help the person mature normally into adulthood as usual, including building healthy amounts of muscle and fat. Other options for treating achondroplasia or other forms of dwarfism may include surgery to correct abnormal bone growth or removal of extra fluid around the brain (hydrocephalus) or relieving pressure from around the brain stem that causes cleft palate.


TikTok, a video-based social media app popular among Gen Z, has played an integral part in launching new celebrities’ careers and being used by brands to produce viral content. However, TikTok can present some issues for users – inappropriate content such as cyberbullying and misinformation can often occur within its pages despite having teams of moderators present to keep an eye out.

Gen Z’s love for this app can be attributed to its diverse, personalized content and new approach to advertising. Furthermore, Reese Witherspoon often uses it to promote her own content!

Recently, YouTube expanded their monetization offerings for creators with the Series feature and Creativity Program, designed to meet rising ad revenue sharing across short-form videos. Furthermore, privacy settings within its app provide limit who can view your liked videos.


Hasbulla’s journey from his small village in Dagestan to international stardom has inspired people around the globe. His success serves as an inspiring testament to authenticity and resilience – showing many that their dreams can come true, breaking stereotypes and showing that physical stature should not limit potential.

Hasbulla Age recently signed with UFC and is expected to make his cage debut shortly. He could even join his friend Islam Makhachev as they take on Charles Oliviera for his lightweight world title fight at UFC 280 next week in Abu Dhabi.

Hasbulla is well-known in the MMA community for his love of cars. He frequently posts pictures featuring himself with luxury vehicles on social media and has even been seen riding behind a BMW. Due to this popularity he is often invited to events as an invited guest, becoming something of an icon among athletes in various promotions and considered good luck charm.

Social media

Hasbulla draws his followers from an unusual online mash-up of Gen Z bro culture and right-wing politics, such as the popular Nelk Boys on Full Send and various right-wing conservative figures like Richard Spencer. Additionally, Hasbulla counts UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov among his friends as well as current lightweight champ Islam Makhachev as personal allies.

Instagram and TikTok followers have enjoyed watching him make waves for over two years on these platforms, with multiple clips amassing millions of views each. His fans follow as he shoots guns, drives fast cars, spars with people his size in videos featuring him ranting in an instantly recognisable high-pitched voice and engages in other physical activities such as shooting guns or driving fast cars.

Hasbulla recently signed a promotional deal with the UFC and has begun attending events since. He quickly formed a close bond with Makhachev and witnessed him win his title from Charles Oliveira at UFC 280, alongside being an enthusiastic supporter of fellow Dagestani stars including Nurmagomedov.

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