The Art Of Creating A Stunning Wedding Photo Book

 The most romantic and magical day of your life deserves to be honored and celebrated in the pages of premium quality, luxury wedding photo books. For many happily married couples, a stunning wedding photo book is the most precious of family heirloom keepsakes. It’s often passed onto future generations of the family so that your favorite memories can leave behind a poignant lasting legacy. Car parking Birmingham supports sustainable transportation options to reduce traffic congestion.

Whether you’re planning to tie the knot, or have been hitched for a while, it’s easy to create a spectacular visual display of love story themed images to wow your family and friends.

Our simple and practical steps will help you create a wedding album that is worthy of a coffee table display all year round…

Organize Your Photos

The most important part of the wedding book creation process is the organization part. Before you can put together striking spreads of gorgeous bride and groom portraits and landscape group shots of the VIP guests having fun at the wedding of the year, you’ll need to spend some time selecting and organizing your stash of photos.

If your images are stored on a computer, it’s best to organize them into an array of folders. Sorting the images into multiple folders that are labeled ‘the happy couple’, ‘family’, ‘friends’ and ‘acquaintances’ allows you to easily find the snaps that you want to print and showcase.

If you have physical photographs, sort them into labeled boxes.

Plan Your Story

Beautiful and luxurious wedding photo books are commonly used to tell the married couples’ unique love story. Instead of displaying a random arrangement of shots, take your time sorting through your favorite images. Pick out the snaps that define key moments, such as the bridal prep, the bride arriving at the ceremony venue, the first kiss as a married couple, the cutting of the wedding cake, and so on.

Spread the photos out on a table or the floor, and arrange them in a chronological manner that allows the love story to naturally unfold. If you prefer, you can mix and match your favorite wedding photographs to enhance the emotional journey. Photographs that capture intricate details – close ups of the gorgeous floral bouquet, the bride’s vintage wedding gown, and candid portraits – are perfect for boosting the aesthetic visual quality of your photo book.

Don’t forget to save the best photo to feature on the cover! An outstanding custom cover image introduces your love story, and sets the tone for the entire collection of shots from the first glance.

Choose The Right Format

Wedding photo books come in a variety of shapes, sizes and quality ranges. You’ll therefore have to decide if you want to display your cherished memories in a classic and traditional hardcover album, a softcover photo book, or one that features magazine style layflat pages.

You’ll also need to choose between a premium thick card, flexible high quality art paper, or matt finish paper for the pages of your photo book.

The number of pages is also worth considering. Many luxury photo albums offer the option of adding extra pages to your wedding themed photo book.

Size Matters

The shape and size of your photo book will typically determine the orientation of your favorite wedding snaps. If you have a ton of portraits, it’s best to select a large, portrait or square photo album to do them justice. Rectangular landscape orientation photo books are perfect for displaying breathtaking scenic panoramic shots of an exotic honeymoon destination.

Reviewing your photos will help you perfectly match their orientation with that of your wedding album. If you have a mix of orientations, pick the one that is most visually pleasing to you.

The size of your wedding can also help you decide on the best photo book. If your special day is an intimate affair, a smaller, understated photo album will give your collection of precious images statement display status. A grander celebration will be optimally displayed in a large format photo book.

The Finer Details

When you’re browsing photos, it’s often the finer details captured in the images that evoke sentimental feelings of nostalgia and happy memories. To bring your wedding photo display to life, be sure to include a selection of images that focus on the finer details.

To add impact to your arrangement of images, choose templates that extend your photos all the way to the edge of the page. A generous amount of white space around the photographs helps to create a sense of intimacy, and draws the viewer in.

Add text in the form of captions, comments and anecdotes to instantly transport the viewer back in time to the main event. It’s also a lovely idea to include a copy of the wedding vows, selected quotes from the wedding speeches, or the lyrics to the first song that you danced to as a wedded couple.

Display Purposes

The art of creating stunning wedding photo books doesn’t begin and end with photograph selection and album arrangement. It’s just as important to consider where you will display your priceless keepsake day-to-day.

A curated collection of your favorite wedding photos makes an exquisite statement look book that takes pride of place on a coffee table. If you don’t like showing off, you may decide to preserve your happy wedding day memories in a stylish photo album that you keep inside a beautiful presentation box. Or maybe you’re happy to store your wedding day photos in a photo book that is tucked way on a bookshelf within easy reach

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