Tee Morant – The Father of NBA Star Ja Morant

Tee Morant, a former basketball player who now works as an entrepreneur and social media personality. Reportedly worth $5 Million. Married and has one daughter Teniya.

Fat Joe recently engaged in an altercation with Shannon Sharpe and had an altercation during a game between some Indiana Pacers players and Morant’s father. Fat Joe believes some responsibility should rest with Morant himself for these incidents.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee

Tee Morant age, Ja Morant’s father, plays for Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Tee played basketball throughout college and high school years; even being teammates with Ray Allen at one point. However, due to being pregnant with their son at the time, Tee made a decision not to pursue professional basketball further and therefore decided to quit when his wife became expecting their child.

Tee has made headlines since his decision to exit basketball altogether and remain an influential voice at NBA games with his engaging commentary and insightful critiques, garnering him great fame among basketball enthusiasts. His presence and influence is well-known within the basketball world and Tee has become a beloved figure to fans everywhere.

His outspokenness has resulted in multiple controversy for him and his family. He has openly criticized other players, engaging in verbal exchanges with ESPN’s Shannon Sharpe. Furthermore, he retweeted videos showing himself messing with LeBron James and other NBA players on social media. Teniya Morant is his daughter from Jamie with whom he shares one daughter named Teniya; Teniya plays girls’ varsity basketball at Houston High School.

Married to Jamie Morant

Teniya and Sailor share an affectionate bond and often play together. Both enjoy playing basketball on local teams – something their family resides in Dalzell, South Carolina for.

Morant’s father, Tee, was a barber in town who built a court in their backyard to practice homemade drills with chairs, cones, blocking pads and whatever else they could find available to them. Neighborhood children would frequently join them in these games as the backyard became a place where talent met hard work.

Tee and Jamie Morant have taught their son to play defense and shoot the ball, helping him develop a step-back jump shot and purchasing tractor tires so his son can practice landing softly when jumping from heights. Both couples remain committed to their marriage without engaging in any controversial events. In fact, both have been instrumental in Ja Morant’s journey to becoming an NBA player.

Father of Ja Morant

Tee Morant has played a critical role in his son Ja’s rise to NBA stardom. A fixture during most of his team’s playoff run and not shy about calling out his child when needed, Tee has also been involved in high-profile confrontations such as one with Shannon Sharpe during a game against Indiana Pacers.

Ja Morant was selected second overall in 2019 and quickly established himself as one of the league’s most dynamic young players. A Cinderella story, Ja went from not recruiting out of high school to dominating college competition and eventually making the NBA. Unfortunately, however, his father Tee’s off-court behavior has been concerning – flashing firearms livestreamed on Instagram Live as well as engaging in fights with opposing fans is not something any proud parent should allow their child to experience; although Tee seems eager for his son to live out his dream that never existed for himself.

Personal Life

Tee Morant is well-renowned as an acclaimed coach, sportsperson and entrepreneur. He estimated a net worth of $5 Million. Known to live with his wife and son in Virginia Beach. Tee is also an avid basketball enthusiast frequently attending matches throughout his life.

High school years brought him together with Ray Allen and participation in an NBA camp. Following graduation, he played professionally in South Carolina and overseas before making the decision to retire following the birth of his daughter.

He and Jamie hail from Dalzell, South Carolina, where they raised two children – Ja and Teniya. Together they lead an uncontroversial life without engaging in any controversial events or extramarital affairs, yet maintain an open-minded stance towards gender preferences and have positive relationships with neighbors and friends who frequent Grizzlies games together.

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