Online Quran Classes: The Easiest Way to Learn Quran Memorization

How To Learn Online Quran Classes and Quran Memorization Online Madrasa offers high-quality and convenient classes to help students learn and memorize the Quran, along with many other subjects of Islamic studies. The best part? You can participate in these classes without even leaving your home – all you need is an internet connection! Here’s how this amazing opportunity works

About Onlinemadrasa

Onlinemadrasa is a center of excellence for online Quran classes, live Quran lessons and Islamic Studies. Study with us and find solutions about online Quran study groups, learning online quran and online quran study material. You can learn how to learn easy & learn romanized Quran in Urdu. Our objective is not only just education but also character building and that’s why we try our best in terms of both studying hard core Islam as well as performing services like Online Quran Memorization, Online Islamic Studies & Urdu translation of holy Qur’an -Holy Koran at Onlinemadrasa.

How can I register as a student?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register online for Online Quran classes and memorization of Quran: Step 1 : Go through our website and read about Online Quran classes and why it’s so beneficial. Step 2 : Enter your email address in an empty field provided at Register Now section. Click on ‘Continue’ button. Step 3 : Enter your information in following form fields (Name, Phone Number, Gender, Email Address, City/Country) and fill out required fields with appropriate information. Then click on ‘Submit’ button. A confirmation message will be sent at your email address along with a link that you need to follow from your email account in order to complete registration process.

How can I pay my tuition fee?

Tuition fees for online courses and madrasas are not fixed. This gives you, our student a freedom of choice as you can pay on a month-to-month basis or arrange your payments in convenient monthly installments. This feature allows you to understand how much you can afford while paying tuition fees for all aspects of Islamic studies and Quran memorization. You may pay with cash, cheque or bank transfer. We allow payments with major credit cards, PayPal or Stripe via our secure website. All transactions are handled by Braintree’s world class platform so that we maintain a high level of security and confidentiality with your data and financial information at all times.

What are the study options available at Onlinemadrasa?

There are many different classes offered online, from basic Arabic lessons, to Quranic memorization, and all of them are available for free! No matter what level of education you have, there’s a class that will fit your needs. If you don’t know how to read or write Arabic yet, there are some great beginner classes that can teach you. And even if you have extensive knowledge of classical Arabic grammar and poetry, there’s plenty of options for more advanced students as well. Everything is taught in a fun and engaging way so it doesn’t feel like studying at all! Students learn through many different methods including dialogues and tutorials.

How can I prepare myself for Onlinemadrasa’s lessons?

You can familiarize yourself with Onlinemadrasa’s offerings by browsing their website and watching videos of lectures, lessons, and recitations. While these videos are not live sessions conducted with a teacher or fellow students, they will help you get a sense of what to expect from an online madrasah and how Onlinemadrasa is different than other learning options. Additionally, some classes like Quran memorization may require additional preparation before taking your first class. For example, many learners choose to memorize and review previous surahs while they wait for their next lesson.

Can I earn a certificate after completing courses offered by Onlinemadrasa?

Yes, students can earn a certificate after completing online Quran classes. Onlinemadrasaa offers an official Certificate for its online Quran memorization and online Koran classes. They do not issue any online degree, certifications or any other similar documents which are misleading by nature.

What should I do if there are no courses available in my country/city?

Online madrasas are similar to traditional schools in that they provide a place for people to learn together. If there are no courses available in your country or city, there’s still hope—madrasas work with each other around world, which means you could reach out and find someone offering a course near you. But if there’s no one around you right now, don’t despair; online classes are becoming increasingly popular and it won’t be long before someone else gets their own online courses up and running.

What are the benefits of joining Onlinemadrasa?

Online Quran classes has an amazing team of qualified Islamic scholars and experts on various fields who come live online and share their knowledge with you. Besides getting benefit from their online classes, students also learn a lot by asking questions online. You get multiple benefits in studying onlinemadrasah such as :- 1. Online Quran classes 2. Quran memorization 3. A chance to ask scholars questions directly 4. A group of like minded people where you can post your doubts regarding Islam 5. An environment that is based on mutual respect 6. Onlinemadrasah organizes a number of events for its students 7. They have numerous jobs openings across different cities 8.

language courses).It provides you three levels of courses – beginner level online quran classes to advanced level online quran classes.

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