How to Professionally Pack your Goods by using Custom Packaging

Maintaining an offline brand experience that is consistent requires custom product packaging.

There’s a good chance that you worked very hard on how you presented yourself. Making a good first impression is crucial, and how we appear or are dressed frequently has a big impact on how that impression is formed.

The fact is that first impressions may seem unimportant and trivial, but they stick with people. A person can form an opinion of a stranger in less than 15 seconds, and they can form an opinion of a product in as little as 3 seconds.

As you try to make a good first impression, picture your customer as the parent and your product as you.

Will you send your product to the customer in a gorgeously made custom package that reflects the distinctive style of your company? or a straightforward cardboard box?

You can’t ignore the packaging if you want to leave a great first impression on your customers. In this insight, we’ll concentrate on personalised product packaging and how it’s crucial to creating a recognisable, unified brand experience.

Here is what we’ll be talking about:

The contribution that custom packaging makes to a satisfying customer experience

How to begin designing packaging

How product packaging may affect on-site conversions

Product and custom packaging 101

Every successful business has repeat customers.

“Customer retention is the only profitable way for eCommerce brands to grow,” says Dimitra Teneva, Head of Content at Metrilo.

Your product packaging is a great way to encourage repeat business. Put your USP on the packaging.

Packaging is often the first brand touchpoint customers have outside of your website. Packaging sets the tone for your customer’s experience and reinforces why they chose you.

What does it say about your brand if you spend a lot of time and money creating a beautiful, frictionless website but ship your product in a plain, unbranded box? Not providing a consistent customer experience throughout the journey will disappoint them.

Nice website, bad product? Your customer will be underwhelmed, not deceived.

Strengthen your branding with custom packaging

Giving customers more than they expect says “great value for the money.”

Not movie tickets or Amazon gift cards. It means giving customers more than they expected.

How custom boxes increase your business and unique opportunity to build your brand, inform your customers about the benefits of your product, create the right impression with your products and, above all else, make your products attractive to potential buyers

A thank-you note or branded tissue paper can do the trick. Product descriptions can also highlight quality packaging (more on that later).

Molimo, a German clothing brand, shows how to improve packaging without much effort. Every package includes a handwritten thank-you note, a sustainability card, and a sticker. It’s simple but personalises the customer’s experience which are the Best custom packagings.

The power of unboxing

Everyone knows the thrill of arriving home to a package. Even if you know what you’re getting, the reveal can still be exciting if time and care were taken to make it part of the brand. Unboxing satisfies our desire for the unknown.

A memorable unboxing experience can boost customer satisfaction and repeat sales. Providing a unique unboxing experience shows your customers that you care about how the product is delivered and go the extra mile to ensure they have the best experience possible.

How to create quality packaging

You’re convinced that good design and packaging can affect how customers view your brand, right? Here’s how to start designing customer-satisfying packaging.

Purpose it (form follows function)

First and foremost, packaging protects the product. Form follows function in packaging.

Hope uses functional packaging. 2) Protects the product; 3) Matches brand aesthetic. We encourage intricate, stylized packaging as long as it protects the product.

This would be noticeable in a store. It’s sold online to make shipping easier. Using pretty packaging that doesn’t protect your product during shipping is pointless.

Customize packaging.

After choosing the right packaging for your product, start branding.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time creating your brand’s logo, colours, shapes, textures, messaging, etc. If you want customers to remember your packaging, make sure it follows your style guide’s branding guidelines. This creates consistency from online to offline.

Also, follow packaging laws in your target markets. Different countries have different regulations on how you can legally ship products, so check regional laws before ordering custom packaging.

Brand image

Material and texture should match your logo and branding to maximise your packaging design.

If your logo shape is easily recognised (Apple, for example), hot stamp or emboss it. If you prioritise colours (like Google), you’ll need a canvas that matches them.

Moon Sling’s packaging highlights their brand’s uniqueness. They ship their products in recyclable corrugated cardboard (which aligns with their commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices) and have a simple logo cutout so customers can see the high-quality linen before opening the package.

If your product is opulent, a rigid black cardboard box will complement it.

Packaging design is limited only by your imagination, like most creative mediums. If you can imagine it, you can probably make it (within the limits of shipping regulations that is).

Custom packaging for resellers         

Online stores sell dozens of brands. ASOS carries and distributes hundreds of brands; how do they maintain brand consistency through packaging?

They created a poly mailer bag. Their brand is now associated with black and white bags. You can tell who made a bag with this pattern without seeing the logo.

It’s time to get packing!

Whatever you sell, there’s competition. The smallest detail can win or lose a customer.

Quality custom packaging, in-store or online, can add value that makes customers think, “Wow, I got more than I bargained for.” It ensures that your brand and product will be remembered long after the sale.

Packhelp’s online designer lets you drag and drop your brand onto custom packaging.

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