Starting to wonder if you have to in the end take your pool to the next level with a pool residence? Have you ever considered it before?

A pool house can also seem like a luxury it is simply out of reach – too highly-priced, too much work, and takes up an excessive amount of space. However the truth is that pool homes are available in all exceptional shapes, sizes, and patterns that could paintings with various budgets.

As fiberglass pool producers, we now and again get customers who need to encompass a pool house as part of their out of doors residing space.

In case you suppose that a pool residence could make a pleasant addition to your house, here are a number of the important thing factors that we assume you need to recall as well as some pool house layout options to discover.

3 things to consider earlier than you build a pool residence

Most cities require a building allow before pool house construction can start. It is always essential to keep your town or county policies in thoughts whilst considering whether or not it is worth it with a purpose to construct a brand new pool house or every other shape.

Pro tip: you can obtain a allow out of your local city or county government. 

Zoning legal guidelines and ordinances also follow, which can affect the dimensions and location of your pool house. For example, in some areas, systems that measure a hundred and twenty feet or much less do not require a permit unless they’ve utilities which include water. 

Moreover, if you’re in an hoa, there will also be bylines and guidelines that require pre-approval. 

What is a pool residence used for?

All pool houses can serve distinct functions, depending on why you need or need one.

Even as some may be comparable to large sheds that save pool toys, chemical substances, and system, others can act as a guest residence.

Your first step must be deciding the way you want to apply your pool residence so that you can determine out the right size and determine whether or not it wishes water or strength.

Pool house thoughts

Don’t know what you want to do with your pool residence? Need concept? Here are some cool pool residence thoughts to consider:

Pool residence changing room

Having an outside changing room presents a personal vicinity for visitors to get equipped for a day on the pool. However you can also remember how handy it’d be for your own family to have somewhere to alternate so you do not music water throughout the residence.

Pool garage

A pool house storage shed may be your targeted place to keep chemicals, pool toys, the pool cover, and even landscaping gadget. After all, pool noodles, rafts, balls, and nets can absorb plenty of area.  

Guest pool residence

Imagine having your in-laws over without them invading your area? If it is big enough, a pool residence can double as a place for visitors to live at the same time as journeying. A guest pool residence can also function a place to maintain cookouts and events (enables you keep your actual house clean). 

Built-in bar

If making a decision on windows, a built-in bar can be an smooth add-on to put in for guests to sit by means of the pool even as you serve beverages from interior. You may also integrate a bar vicinity in a covered pool residence porch. 


Want some thing beautiful with a view to eventually be protected in gorgeous greenery for coloration? A pergola is a terrific option, and lots of choose to attach one to their pool residence. On common, a pergola is $one hundred to $9,000. 

Pool residence with lavatory

Constructing a pool house with a bathroom is the remaining way to make sure that your children (and let’s be actual, your friends) in reality go out the pool before “going to the rest room”. It’s also high-quality convenient to have an outdoor lavatory while hosting pool parties and cookouts.

Out of doors bathe 

How exceptional would it be to hop out of the pool and immediately rinse off in an outside bathe? In case your pool house already has a water line, why now not do not forget building a small shower to make it more handy. Out of doors showers can cost as low as $1,000 to put in and as tons as $8,000, depending on how extravagant your design is. 

Pool residence types and add ons 

Once you’ve got step one down and have figured out what features you want your pool house to provide, you can begin running on the pool house layout and upload ons.

That is the a laugh component in which you could determine what your pool residence goes to seem like.

There are  predominant types of pool homes: custom pool houses and prefab pool homes.

Custom built pool houses

A custom-constructed pool residence is a structure which you construct from the floor up and becomes a everlasting part of your own home. This form of pool residence gives you the most space for customizing how you want the pool residence to appearance and function. 

Seasoned tip: any time you construct a structure for whatever greater than storage, it could additionally require insulation, water strains, and strength. 

Prefab pool houses

A prefab pool residence is a pool residence this is pre-constructed and geared up to be established to your backyard (form of like a portable home). You may not have as a good deal manage over the layout of a prefab pool residence, however you furthermore may might not must address a prolonged backyard production venture. 

Bonus: you may also be capable of bring your pool house with you in case you pass, relying on how it is positioned or mounted.

Pool residence siding

One of the first picks you may have, aside from length, is which materials will make up the outdoors of your pool residence. When picking your pool residence siding, it’s important to remember that your shape may be subsequent to a frame of water, so ensure to select something long lasting that is proof against rot and rust. Vinyl is a popular alternative and degrees from approximately $1 to $8 in keeping with square foot. Other popular choices encompass:


fiber cement


engineered wood


artificial stone

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