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Free online Quran classes can be difficult, but it’s necessary to ensure that Muslim children learn their deen from the earliest age possible. Here are five reasons why you should start learning Quran for kids today

Caliphate style & initial change (before Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz)

With the Caliph that was guided correctly, there was a method of selecting the Caliphate that they observed. Abu Bakr was chosen after consulting among several senior friends.. Uthman was the third Caliph after consulting between six friends determined by Umar. Ali is the fourth caliph also after the conversation between the friends. Therefore, the initial caliphate has a fairly methodical appearance, and the standard is high. This will later be revived in the era of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz.

The Caliph who was guided correctly was some of the closest friends of the Prophet (SAW). They lead in accordance with God’s law and the instructions of the Prophet (SAW). However, cracks began to emerge in the Caliphate from the Uthman era and continued during Ali’s leadership. After that, everything becomes worse in terms of leadership. Instead of choosing leaders based on their abilities and ensuring they uphold God’s law, Caliphate becomes something else. People call this era Caliphate Umayyad.

During the Caliphate Umayyad, the state became like a dynasty. Umayyad rulers will pass the stick from one family member to another family member. We only need to look back to Umar’s era – when he refused to let his son be considered for the position of the caliph – to find out the great danger of this style. However, this is what happened, and the Banu Umayya tribe and their descendants ruled as dynasties. However, there are some true rulers among them. Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz will be the eighth Caliph Umayyad from 717 CE/99 AH.

Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz – One of the true caliphas

Who is Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz?

Umar II, as some people refer to him, were Abdul Aziz Ibn Marwan’s son. Marwan is the fourth Caliph Umayyad, playing an important role for dynasties during the uncertainty. After the last two caliphs died quickly, Umayyad was in a weak position with most countries refused to accept their leadership. However, Marwan recovered it in various parts of the region. Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz is also the son of Umm Asim Bint Asim, whose grandfather happened to be Umar Ibn Al-Khattab. Therefore, Umar II is a distant relative.

Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz spent a lot of initial years in Egypt. That’s because Abdul Aziz Ibn Marwan was the Governor of Egypt for some time. However, he will study in Medina, where he will spend time with some pious people in his time, learn about their Islamic roots, hadith, and transmitter, etc.

One of the robbery initially became the role of leadership came when he was appointed at the Governor of Medina. According to some reports, this is an attempt by Umayyad to open the gate to reconciliation between Medina and Leadership. Under the previous governor, the relationship has been acidic since they ruled with an iron fist and hard on his people.

Historian analysis of this period shows that Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz is a just and fair governor for Medina. Indeed, some leading scholars in the area have strong criticism of dynasties, but the governor will allow it. Therefore, he ruled in a fairly light way, but he also prefers Islamic

For many parents, starting their children on a path of Islam is one of their most important responsibilities. But some may wonder whether there are differences between learning with a teacher and studying at home. While both scenarios come with benefits and drawbacks, it’s up to you and your child to decide which type of program makes more sense. Here are four questions you should ask yourself before signing up your child in an free online Quran classes for kids academy

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