Fort Bend Independent School District (FBSSD) – Core Beliefs and Commitments

As school begins, FBISD has completed construction of three of the new schools approved by voters and began work on improvements under its 2023 bond program.

Donating to Krogers Backpack Boosters school supply drive can assist FBISD students. Estimates estimate an increase in property tax rate will cost homeowners on average approximately $2.50 monthly; this increase however should not impact those eligible for elderly or disabled homestead exemption.


Skyward FBISD strives to empower students to embrace an extraordinary future and seek success beyond what they could anticipate. They do so through developing highly capable staff and creating flexible systems which support student achievement.

As part of the 2023 Bond, new schools opened this fall as part of its implementation plan. Crawford High School in Rosharon stands out as an impressive 500,000 square-foot facility that features state-of-the-art labs and classrooms with riser seating to enable collaboration or individual study; pro dance studio; first rate gyms/weight rooms and outdoor seating areas are just some of the features it boasts.

The District also offers innovative programming options, such as its Early College High School program that enables students to earn up to 60 hours of tuition-free college credit and an Associate Degree as they complete their high school diploma.

Core Values

Core Belief 1: All students can realize their full potential. Core Commitment: Fort Bend ISD will create an educational system which empowers all its students to create futures they never imagined possible.

Fort Bend ISD is an innovative school district known for offering cutting-edge programming at the high school level, including an Early College High School that allows students to earn 60 hours or two years worth of tuition-free college credit while simultaneously receiving their high school diploma.

All schools across the district utilize Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, an evidence-based model designed to increase social emotional competence and academic success. Students also enjoy a range of enrichment opportunities including fine arts, coding, leadership training and career exploration. Furthermore, our district is dedicated to equipping its teachers to form relationships with their students.


Students in grades pre-K through 12 can access the James Reese Career and Technical Education facility to begin exploring careers early. It also serves the Fort Bend community by permitting business partners to utilize its Enterprise Learning Labs.

CTE provides students with an understanding of all of the available careers worldwide and connects them to information to acquire those careers. Students also acquire invaluable career skills like goal setting experiences, interpersonal communication techniques and problem-solving scenarios.

Whole Child Health Initiative

Whole child health addresses student’s mental, physical, social and emotional wellbeing in an attempt to ensure students can pursue futures beyond their imagination. When all needs are fulfilled in this manner, students will feel most equipped and inspired to pursue futures beyond their imaginations.

School-based health initiatives can be more effective and sustainable when implemented holistically at various ecological levels, with students being the central focus. At RCPS we have taken an innovative approach known as C2BF that integrates health into all school functions like teaching classroom lessons, nutrition services, PE lessons and physical education classes.

The C2BF Field Guide is an expansion of the Coordinated School Health model created by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), designed to assist local education agencies (LEAs) and state leaders implement funding that prioritizes children and families. Click here for more details about this guide.

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