Best ultra league Pokemon

Giratina (Altered Forme)

Trainers compete with their toughest Pokémon in the Ultra League. Giratina’s Altered Forme dominates this tier for various reasons.

First and foremost, Giratina’s Altered Forme’s stat distribution makes it powerful. Its high base HP and Defense stats allow it to take and send out damage. Though weaker than its defenses, its Attack stat allows it to deliver significant damage with its techniques. This balanced stat spread allows Giratina to excel in multiple team positions.

Giratina’s Altered Forme’s Ghost-Dragon type gives it important resistances and minimal vulnerabilities. This typing lets it withstand Fighting, Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass-type attacks, giving it an advantage over many Ultra League adversaries. Ghost typing protects it from Normal and Fighting-type attacks, boosting its defense. Giratina can check and neutralize several Ultra League meta threats with these resistances, making it an invaluable addition to any squad.

Giratina’s vast movepool lets it adapt to different scenarios and playstyles. Shadow Claw, Giratina’s signature move, deals continuous damage thanks to its strong Attack stat. Giratina may inflict relentless damage with Dragon Claw. Giratina can also use Shadow Sneak, Ominous Wind, or Dragon Breath to surprise opponents and stay versatile. Giratina’s broad movepool makes it one of the Best Ultra League Pokémon, allowing it to tackle many threats.

Giratina’s Altered Forme excels defensively and offensively. It can threaten Psychic and Ghost-type opponents while maintaining offensive pressure with Shadow Ball and Shadow Sneak. Giratina’s size makes it a reliable pivot, absorbing attacks and allowing teammates to switch in safely. Pressure boosts opponents’ move limits by eating PP, pushing them to make key decisions. Giratina’s defensive and disruptive skills make him an Ultra League team staple.

Giratina’s agility and adaptability have shaped the Ultra League meta. Giratina’s Altered Forme shines as a defensive anchor, hard-hitting attacker, or disruptive force. Any trainer seeking Ultra League success needs it to counter major threats, sustain tremendous attacks, and apply constant pressure.


.Cresselia stands out in the world of Ultra League combat, where Pokémon with 2,500 CP caps compete against each other. It is a formidable defender with excellent base numbers, especially in Defense and Special Defense, and it can endure a barrage of strikes. The base Defense stat of Cresselia is 120 and its special defense stat is 130, giving it great staying strength to withstand even the most unrelenting attacks from enemies.

With its large movepool, Cresselia has access to a wide variety of offensive and defensive options, which is one of its strongest points. Cresselia is incredibly versatile and can adapt to any battle situation. She may unleash strong Psychic-type attacks like Psyshock and Future Sight, or she can disturb opponents with status-inducing moves like Thunder Wave and Toxic. Moonblast, its hallmark move, does a ton of damage to enemy Pokémon and also has a potential to weaken their Special Attack stat, giving Cresselia even more power over the battle.

Nevertheless, Cresselia’s distinctive blend of size and practicality is what distinguishes it from the rest of the Ultra League. Its Psychic typing gives it useful resistances to Fighting, Psychic, and Ground-type techniques, while its access to Ice Beam and Aurora Beam gives it coverage against frequent threats like Flying-, Grass-, and Dragon-type Pokémon. As a dependable pivot on any Ultra League squad, Cresselia can take hits and dole them out with equal ease because to her defensive skill and offensive coverage.

Plus, Cresselia is a game-changer in the Ultra League meta thanks to its access to Lunar Dance. Using Lunar Dance, Cresselia can sacrifice itself to help the Pokémon it takes its place in battle regain all of its health and cure any status ailments. A team’s chances of winning a match can be drastically altered with this skill, giving them a second opportunity to vanquish their opponents. Lunar Dance gives Cresselia an advantage in the Ultra League that no other Pokémon has, allowing her to restore important support Pokémon or heal a weakened sweeper.

Along with its own set of advantages, Cresselia works in tandem with many other Pokémon that are prevalent in the Ultra League meta. When combined with the Steel-type resistances of Pokémon such as Registeel and Metagross, its Psychic typing forms a strong defensive core capable of withstanding a barrage of enemy attacks. Plus, setup sweepers like Snorlax and Swampert may easily take care of vulnerable opponents thanks to Cresselia’s status condition spreading abilities like Thunder Wave and Toxic.

Although Cresselia has many positive qualities, it also have some negative ones as well. Some Pokémon, like Alolan Muk and Obstagoon, can take advantage of its weaknesses—its mediocre offensive stats and susceptibility to Dark-type attacks—and defeat it. Moreover, despite its remarkable size, Cresselia might have trouble fending off Pokémon who are trained to destroy walls or powerful Dynamax Pokémon that can out-brute it.


The dominant build of Swampert demands attention the moment one sets eyes on him. It gives off an air of toughness and stamina because to its towering height and muscular physique. In the Ultra League, where long-duration fights are the norm, its formidable physicality is the key to success. Swampert’s strong Health and Defense, in particular, provide it exceptional stamina on the battlefield, letting it withstand assaults and outlast enemies in drawn-out battles. Because of its Ground typing, it is extremely resistant to Electric, Poison, and Rock-type attacks, which greatly enhances its defensive capabilities and makes it a very dangerous opponent.

But the strength of Swampert goes much beyond its fortified walls. It can mercilessly shred other teams with its broad move pool and formidable offensive weapons. Earthquake, its trademark move, is a destructive weapon that targets Steel and Electric-types, two common Ultra League threats. When combined with its Water-type STAB techniques, such as Surf or Hydro Cannon, Swampert may overwhelm its enemies and show its dominance on the battlefield with an unstoppable onslaught of powerful blows. Because it can change its approach to take advantage of its opponents’ weaknesses, Swampert is a dangerous opponent in almost every matchup.

Also, in the Ultra League meta, Swampert is more effective because it has access to important coverage moves. Its offensive powers are enhanced by moves like Ice Punch and Sludge Wave, which effectively cover significant threats like Fairy-types and Dragons. These moves also ensure that it stays a diverse and unpredictable adversary. Swampert is one of the top Ultra League Pokémon because its trainers can modify its moveset to match their team’s makeup and counter common strategies.

Swampert is well-known as a top-tier choice for Ultra League bouts due to its adaptability, raw power, and impressive competitive history. Its success in previous seasons and tournaments proves that it is still relevant and useful in high-pressure situations. Skillful and resourceful trainers from all over the world have used Swampert to their advantage, winning matches and moving up the Ultra League ladder. Therefore, Swampert has become a famous and adored Pokémon within the competitive scene, earning the respect and admiration of both veterans and novices.

Fans and enthusiasts throughout the world adore Swampert not only for its incredible fighting abilities, but also for its captivating design and rich history. Swampert embodies the wild beauty of nature while conjuring up images of a powerful protector of marshes and rivers. Trainers who admire its steely will and unflinching stance form ties with their Pokémon that go beyond friendly rivalry.


Upon initial observation, Garchomp might appear to be no more than any other menacing dragon seen during combat. On the other hand, its robust statistics and varied move set are just as important as its intimidating appearance when it comes to its strength. Garchomp has a respectable Attack, Defense, HP, and Speed totaling 700, in addition to respectable HP and Speed. Because of his well-rounded set of stats, Garchomp can be effective as a tank or a powerful attacker in the Ultra League meta.

Among Garchomp’s many strengths in the Ultra League is its varied movepool, which provides a combination of coverage choices and strong STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves. As its principal STAB attack, Earthquake, Garchomp’s distinctive Ground-type move, inflicts tremendous damage to an assortment of adversaries. When combined with Dragon Claw, Garchomp becomes an unstoppable force that effortlessly overcomes Pokémon’s defenses and takes advantage of their weaknesses.

In addition, Garchomp can easily tackle threats of various categories thanks to its access to many coverage moves. Garchomp may use Fire Fang and Outrage to counter Steel-types that would block its Ground and Dragon attacks, and Stone Edge is useful against Flying-type Pokémon. With its varied movepool, Garchomp can adjust to different Ultra League matches, making it a formidable and unpredictable opponent.

Because of its type, Garchomp has important resistances and immunities that boost its viability in the Ultra League, in addition to its offensive power. With its Dragon/Ground type and immunity to Electric-type attacks, Garchomp is a formidable opponent against Raikou and Zapdos, two of the most prominent Electric-type attackers. As an added bonus, Garchomp is resistant to Rock, Poison, and Fire-type attacks thanks to its Ground typing. This makes it a more formidable opponent against a variety of threats.

Additionally, Garchomp’s defensive qualities are further enhanced by its Dragon typing, which allows it access to high resistances against Electric, Water, Grass, and Fire-type techniques. Because of its many immunities and resistances, Garchomp is very tough to defeat in the Ultra League. It can keep the pressure on its opponents and easily dodge their attacks.

Among the Best Ultra League Pokémon, Garchomp stands out due to its ability to work in tandem with other top-tier Pokémon. If you pair Garchomp with Pokémon that have strengths that compliment its weaknesses, you can make a powerful team that can handle any threat. Garchomp is best used in conjunction with Pokémon like Togekiss, Swampert, and Snorlax, which can assist it become more resilient and effective in battle by offering coverage and support.

Garchomp can also take advantage of favorable matchups and build momentum by pressing opponents and forcing switches with its access to devastating moves like Earthquake and Outrage. Garchomp is a game-changer for any team: it can dictate the tempo of games and put pressure on opponents the second it steps foot on the field, and it threatens a large chunk of the Ultra League meta.


Registeel, who is native to the Hoenn area, looks like a metal titan clad in armour; he is both striking and intimidating. It is a fearsome foe in battle due to its unyielding resilience and stern disposition. Registeel is one of the top contenders in the Ultra League, but it’s not just because of its intimidating appearance; what makes it special are its superb statistics, versatile movepool, and strategic utility.

Exceptional defensive qualities are the core of Registeel’s efficacy. Registeel can easily withstand even the most devastating physical attacks with to his exceptionally high base Defense stat. Because of its natural toughness, it can survive a broad range of attacks and is a solid foundation for any team. Registeel is already a formidable defender, but its Steel typing makes it even more so against typical Ultra League foes like Fairy, Dragon, and Psychic.

Although Registeel has a great statline, that is not the only indicator of its defensive prowess. Its extensive movepool includes strong defensive and support abilities, letting it effortlessly adjust to many scenarios. Registeel can deal decent damage while staying in defense thanks to its solid STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves, such as Flash Cannon and Focus Blast. Also, Registeel can use moves like Iron Defense to fortify its already impressive defenses or Counter to unleash devastating counterattacks on its enemies.

The versatility of Registeel to thrive in different sorts of team environments is one of its most distinctive features. Registeel is incredibly versatile; he may be a devoted wall to delay the other team’s attacks or a disruptive force to weaken their defenses. Any Ultra League squad that wants to keep the ball moving and command the tempo of the match should have one of these. It can switch between attacking and defending on the fly.

Also, just having Registeel around makes opponents rethink their tactics and play more cautiously because they know they’re headed for a tough battle. Intelligent trainers can frequently use this psychological edge to their advantage, making the most of their opponent’s reluctance and gaining the upper hand.

Registeel has its flaws, as any Pokémon does though. Its superior defenses don’t protect it from all attacks, though; the Fire and Fighting types are particularly vulnerable. Careful team selection and smart play are required to counteract the vulnerabilities that Registeel has against Pokémon like Charizard and Machamp, which may be devastating if not dealt with.


The versatility of Togekiss’s moves, in addition to its strong basic numbers, is its greatest asset. It counters a wide variety of opponents with ease thanks to its availability to powerful Fairy and Flying-type techniques like Aerial Ace, Charm, and Air Slash. The outstanding move for Togekiss is Charm, which not only deals tremendous damage but also benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). This makes it a dangerous force against Dragon, Fighting, and Dark-type Pokémon, which are common in the Ultra League meta.

Further increasing its tactical choices, Togekiss’s movepool features a number of utility moves such as Ancient Power, Flamethrower, and Dazzling Gleam. When faced with a Steel-type Pokémon, Ancient Power protects you from its attacks while Flamethrower eliminates any danger they may provide. However, Dazzling Gleam is a powerful Fairy-type move that can cause a lot of damage to Dragon and Dark-type Pokémon.

The extraordinary size of Togekiss is another distinguishing feature that makes it one of the top extreme league Pokémon. Togekiss can keep the pressure on the battlefield because to its high basic HP stat and good defenses, which allow it to resist strikes from a variety of opponents. When you consider that Togekiss has access to Flamethrower, a Charged Move that covers Steel-types, and its durability, it becomes even more harder to properly counter.

Plus, Togekiss’s special ability, Serene Grace, makes it more powerful in combat by making its moves more likely to have secondary effects. This bodes well for Togekiss, as attacks like Air Slash are more likely to make their opponents flinch, which will stop their momentum and give them the upper hand in the battle. The strategic potential of Togekiss in the Ultra League is further complicated by his ability to affect the course of fight through status effects.

As a versatile Pokémon, Togekiss can do more than just attack and defend; it can also contribute to the team. Because of its extensive movepool, trainers can tailor its moveset to their team’s playstyle and the kind of challenges they face in Ultra League. Togekiss is a phenomenal addition to any competitive roster thanks to its incredible adaptability, which allows it to effortlessly switch between a powerful attacker and a tough tank.

When it comes to teamwork, Togekiss is one of the top Ultra League Pokémon because of how well it handles prevalent threats in the meta. It can check popular Pokémon like Machamp, Escavalier, and Giratina thanks to its resistance to Fighting, Bug, and Dark-type moves as well as its immunity to Dragon-type assaults. Togekiss is a great choice for trainers who want to create balanced teams that can handle many types of opponents because of how versatile it is.

Also, since the Ultra League is full of Dragon-type Pokémon, having Togekiss on your team can make your opponents think twice about using them. When faced with Dragon-type threats, Togekiss’s access to Fairy-type attacks like Flamethrower and Dazzling Gleam makes opponents reevaluate their strategies.


An evolved version of the legendary Pokémon Meltan, Melmetal is a formidable opponent in the Ultra League thanks to its remarkable collection of abilities. Melmetal is an intimidating sight on the battlefield, standing at an impressive 8 feet 2 inches tall and weighing an incredible 1,763.7 pounds. Being a Steel-type Pokémon gives it a wide array of defenses and resistances, and its body, made completely of liquid metal, makes it extremely durable and resilient to many types of attacks.

The capabilities of Melmetal, nevertheless, go well beyond what meets the eye. When this massive monster goes to war, it unleashes a barrage of powerful attacks that can quickly wipe out its enemies. Melmetal may use his arsenal of elemental attacks, including Thunderbolt, Rock Slide, and Superpower, to take advantage of his opponents’ weaknesses. Double Iron Bash, Melmetal’s signature move, causes huge damage and has a potential to make the target flinch, giving it a significant advantage in important battles.

The outstanding stat distribution of Melmetal is one of the distinguishing features that propels it to the pinnacle of Ultra League Pokémon. Melmetal is great at taking damage and inflicting damage thanks to his outstanding starting attributes, which include a towering base Defense and Stamina. Melmetal is able to respond to even the most powerful attacks with overwhelming force thanks to its mix of mass and offensive prowess, which turns the tide of combat in its favor.

Melmetal also has protection from Flying-type Pokémon, which are prevalent in the Ultra League meta, thanks to its access to the Charge Move Thunderbolt. With its high Attack stat, STAB boost, and this move, Melmetal easily takes down Flying-type adversaries, solidifying its position as a flexible and powerful challenger in the Ultra League.

In addition to its devastating attacking power, Melmetal’s typing protects it from a wide array of common attacks, including Poison, Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy. Melmetal can withstand attacks from a wide range of enemies thanks to its diverse resistances, letting it stay on the field for long stretches and put pressure on the other teams.

As far as Ultra League team construction goes, Melmetal is among the top choices thanks to its adaptability and ability to work in tandem with other Pokémon. Melmetal is the backbone of strong teams that can take on even the most experienced opponents when teamed up with Pokémon like Swampert or Togekiss, which compensate for its limitations and enhance its strengths. Any trainer’s arsenal would be incomplete without it due to its dual purpose as a dependable wall and a formidable attacker.

Plus, Melmetal’s widespread availability as a Mythical Pokémon thanks to special research missions in Pokémon GO makes it a popular choice among trainers, which adds to its prominence in the Ultra League meta. Melmetal has shaped the metagame and influenced team-building techniques in the Ultra League due to its extensive availability and outstanding performance, making it a staple of competitive encounters.


Obstagoon’s Ultra League success is no coincidence. Due to its unique type, it can fight a wide range of opponents and is flexible and powerful. Obstagoon resists Ultra League meta-dominant Psychic and Ghost techniques due to its Dark Type. Its resistance lets it endure attacks from Cresselia and Giratina while dealing significant damage.

Obstagoon’s Normal typing gives it access to powerful STAB attacks like Hyper Beam and Giga Impact, boosting its offense. These moves and its high Attack stat allow Obstagoon to hit hard and fast, putting opponents under pressure early on.

Obstruct is Obstagoon’s signature move. This move damages the opponent and significantly decreases their Defense stat. This debuff weakens opposing Pokémon, making them more vulnerable to Obstagoon’s and its teammates’ attacks. Obstruct also helps Obstagoon undermine opponents’ strategy and win battles.

Obstagoon’s movepool is expanded by covering moves including Night Slash, Cross Chop, and Close Combat. These techniques allow Obstagoon to handle a range of threats, keeping it a strong Ultra League meta player. Obstagoon can defeat its opponents with subtlety, whether it’s using Close Combat to blast through bulky Psychics or Night Slash to kill Ghosts.

Obstagoon has enough size, notably in Defense and HP, to complement its offensive powers. This lets it survive enemy strikes and stay on the battlefield longer. Bulk Up and Protect let Obstagoon survive and stall opponents or set up a deadly sweep.

Obstagoon fits with several team composition concepts. Guts boosts Attack when afflicted with a status condition, making it a good choice for teams who use status-inducing attacks like Will-O-Wisp or Toxic. Obstagoon’s synergy with Registeel and Swampert allows it to cover a wide range of threats with its companions.

Obstagoon’s versatility and effectiveness in Ultra League have made it a top Pokémon. Its offensive power, defensive versatility, and teamwork make it a battlefield force. Obstagoon is a Pokémon to consider for Ultra League or local PvP dominance.


Snorlax appears calm despite its powerful fighting abilities. Its large size and large HP pool make it a formidable defender that can absorb a lot of damage. Snorlax’s base stamina is great enough to outlast opponents in protracted battles.

Snorlax’s Ultra League appeal goes beyond its strong defenses. Trainers can customize its movepool to counter specific threats with its extensive range of offensive and defensive options. Snorlax’s unconventional moveset lets it deal deadly Normal-type attacks like Body Slam and Hyper Beam and coverage moves like Earthquake and Outrage to unsuspecting opponents.

Snorlax’s powerful status moves like Rest and Sleep Talk add to its flexibility. Snorlax can stall opponents and regain health by using these moves and its massive HP pool. Trainers must carefully evaluate their approach when facing this sleeping giant.

Snorlax’s type helps it in the Ultra League along with its power and endurance. Its solitary weakness to Fighting-type techniques makes it highly resistant to most attacks as a Normal-type Pokémon. Snorlax can withstand a range of damage, extending its fight lifespan.

Snorlax’s adaptability makes it a great team member that fits many strategies. Snorlax may play a defensive wall to absorb hits and support teammates or an offensive powerhouse according on the team’s needs. Its versatility allows it to switch between offense and defense and surprise opponents and change the game.

Snorlax’s popularity and extensive use in Ultra League meta indicate to its effectiveness as a top Pokémon. Trainers worldwide have successfully used this behemoth in their teams. Snorlax’s powers may be destructive, therefore opponents must respect it on the battlefield.

Snorlax has disadvantages despite its capabilities. Its modest speed makes it vulnerable to speedier opponents who can overwhelm it with relentless attacks. Using Normal-type moves allows it to fight Pokémon with immunity or resistance to such attacks. Trainers must consider Snorlax’s vulnerabilities and devise combat plans to maximize his potential.



Machamp is a formidable opponent in the Ultra League, where trainers battle their strongest Pokémon. Its Attack and Defense stats make it a tough opponent that can deal heavy damage and take it. Machamp has remarkable fighting endurance at level 40 with 3056 CP.

Machamp is a top Ultra League Pokémon due to its broad movepool. Machamp can learn fighting-type moves like Dynamic Punch and Cross Chop, which use its STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) to deliver massive damage. Machamp can also learn Rock Slide and Payback, protecting him from Flying, Psychic, Ghost, and other threats.

Machamp also has the Charge Move, Close Combat, which increases its adaptability. Close Combat lowers Machamp’s Defense and Attack numbers, but its might allows him to quickly defeat enemy Pokémon before they can counterattack.

Machamp’s ability to counter some of the biggest threats in Ultra League confirms its place as a top contender. Machamp can defeat Ultra League favorites like Snorlax, Lapras, and Registeel with its Fighting-type techniques. Machamp may also dominate the battlefield against Cresselia and Togekiss due to its resistance to Dark, Rock, and Bug-type attacks.

Machamp’s access to Counter, a swift and powerful Fighting-type move, boosts its battle effectiveness. Counter deals high damage and uses Machamp’s high Attack stat to quickly deplete the opponent’s HP and earn energy for Charge Moves. This combination between Counter and Machamp’s other moves makes it a powerful force that can quickly destroy opponents.

Machamp thrives offensively and defensively, giving trainers tactical versatility. Machamp consistently shines in Ultra League bouts, whether leading the charge with deadly strikes or switching in to neutralize specific threats. Its pressure and match pace often determine victory.

Trainers building a competitive Ultra League team may also find Machamp appealing due to its availability and accessibility. Machop, Machamp’s pre-evolution, may be obtained through raids, research, and wild encounters, unlike other top-tier Pokémon. Machamp is easily obtained and powered up by trainers, making it a viable Ultra League option.

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