Best fighting type Pokemon


The mere apparition of Machamp is enough to instill terror in its adversaries. Machamp looms large on the battlefield, his towering stature and muscular muscles exuding an air of sheer dominance. It has an upper hand in battle thanks to its four strong arms, which terminate in deadly fists. It can strike with pinpoint accuracy and quick speed, delivering devastating blows.

The power that Machamp possesses, however, is not superficial. An array of fighting tactics and a fierce warrior spirit make it a formidable opponent beneath its menacing exterior. Machamp can unleash a torrent of blows with unparalleled fluidity and grace, ranging from fists that break bones to kicks that travel at the speed of light. Powerful Fighting-type moves like Close Combat, Dynamic Punch, and Cross Chop are all part of its large movepool. These moves may deliver huge damage to even the hardest opponents.

The remarkable adaptability of Machamp in combat is a major reason why it is considered one of the top Fighting-type Pokémon. Machamp has proven to be an adaptable fighter with a wide range of abilities, unlike certain Pokémon who may be weak in some areas but strong in others. Machamp routinely proves its dominance of the battlefield by easily engaging in close combat or strategically outmanoeuvring its opponents with its nimble maneuvers.

Machamp is already a top-tier Fighting-type Pokémon, and its outstanding stats just add to that. Machamp can deal terrible damage and withstand strong attacks thanks to its high Attack and Defense attributes. Even if Machamp’s Speed isn’t spectacular, it’s good enough to let it outrun slower enemies and keep the advantage in battle.


With its unique look and impressive fighting abilities, Lucario immediately won over trainers all over the globe when it debuted in the fourth generation of Pokémon games. Lucario gives off an air of resolve and concentration with its slender, bipedal build like that of a warrior monk and its intense, crimson eyes. Not only does it look cool, but it has its own set of strengths and resistances thanks to both Fighting and Steel types, so it can do a lot of different things in battle and still be a tough opponent.

But Lucario’s remarkable fighting skills are what really make it stand out. In battle, Lucario’s incredible speed, agility, and physical strength make him unstoppable. Its control of aura energy is exemplified by its signature move, Aura Sphere, which allows it to precisely fire powerful blasts of focused strength. This technique is exceedingly difficult for opponents to resist or counter because it packs a punch and also avoids obstructions.

In addition, Lucario has a wide variety of fighting styles, from elegant evasion moves to kicks and punches that break bones. It can easily adapt to different combat circumstances and defeat opponents because to its availability to a wide selection of Fighting-type moves, including Close Combat, High Jump Kick, and Power-Up Punch. In addition to being resistant to Normal, Rock, and Ice kinds, its Steel typing makes it more durable and increases its chances of survival in battle.

In addition to its incredible fighting abilities, Lucario is well-known for its profound affinity with the idea of aura, a magical energy that permeates every living thing. Lucario is claimed to have an inherent aura sense and manipulation ability in the Pokémon universe. This gives it a keen understanding of its surroundings and allows it to predict its opponent’s attacks with remarkable accuracy. Due to its enhanced awareness, Lucario is able to outplan and outwit even the most crafty of its enemies in combat.

Thanks to its reliable performance and adaptability, Lucario has established itself as one of the top Fighting-type Pokémon in competitive Pokémon play. Trainers that want to construct teams that can handle a variety of threats often choose it because of its balanced stat distribution, vast move pool, and access to key abilities like Justified and Inner Focus. Lucario is an excellent addition to any squad because it is great at everything from dealing crushing close-quarters blows to unleashing devastating ranged attacks.

The significant position that Lucario plays in numerous forms of Pokémon media, such as movies, television shows, and trading card games, ensures that its appeal goes beyond the world of competitive play. One of the most beloved characters in the franchise, its fascinating narrative centers on themes of friendship, self-discovery, and loyalty, which has won over fans of all ages.


Conkeldurr is always going to be a great candidate when people are talking about the greatest Pokémon that are fighting types. Its formidable durability, varied movepool, and raw power make it an unstoppable force in battle. Conkeldurr is a game-changer for trainers all across the globe, whether in friendly banter or intense competition.

The overwhelming physical power of a Conkeldurr is one of its most distinctive characteristics. This Pokémon stands at an intimidating height and has enormous, powerful muscles. Its already impressive strength is amplified by its distinctive concrete pillars, which it uses as powerful weapons. In combat, Conkeldurr’s deadly strikes have the power to break boulders and instill dread in his enemies. Its reputation as a fighting-type behemoth stems from its extraordinary strength, which it uses to effortlessly defeat even the most resilient opponents.

But there’s more to Conkeldurr’s skill than meets the eye. The extensive array of offensive and defensive moves it possesses is what makes it stand out as a top fighting-type Pokémon. A veritable plethora of techniques are at Conkeldurr’s disposal, ranging from his Dynamic Punch and Hammer Arm physical strikes to his Bulk Up and Drain Punch multipurpose maneuvers. With its lightning-fast strategy adaptation, it can outmaneuver even the most crafty of enemies.

And it can take a beating and still come out on top in long fights thanks to Conkeldurr’s extraordinary resilience. This Pokémon can withstand strikes that would harm weaker creatures thanks to its strong constitution and unwavering will. Trainers throughout the world hold it in high esteem due to its remarkable resilience and determination to fight until the very end, making it an invaluable ally in any battle.

Conkeldurr is not only an extremely skilled fighter, but it also has the kind of noble spirit and self-respect that come with being a real warrior. In spite of its intimidating look, this Pokémon is incredibly honorable and strives to fight with the utmost sportsmanship and fairness. It takes on every challenge head-on, never wavering in its refusal to give in no matter how bad things become. Trainers and Pokémon alike find motivation in this Pokémon’s unyielding will to succeed, which allows them to triumph over any challenge.


Scrafty gives off an air of resiliency and toughness with its frightening visage and distinctive “hood” constructed of shed skin. Like a streetwise brawler, its design captures the essence of a fighter to a tee. The strength of Scrafty, however, lies in its skills and moves, which further establish it as a top Pokémon of the fighting type.

The wide variety of moves available in Scrafty is one of its best features. A large variety of moves covering diverse sorts are at its disposal, enabling it to adjust to varied opponents and situations. Scrafty is equipped to tackle a number of threats well, with moves including High Jump Kick and Drain Punch, which are formidable fighting moves, and Crunch and Knock Off, which are dark moves. Its adaptability allows it to seamlessly transition between attacking and defensive strategies, making it an invaluable tool in any conflict.

In addition, Scrafty’s type provides it with important resistances and immunities, which make it even more effective in battle. Being of the Dark/Fighting type grants it immunity to all moves of the Psychic type as well as resistances to the more frequent Dark, Ghost, and Psychic. Thanks to these defenses, Scrafty can withstand damage from a wide range of enemies, allowing it to remain in the fight for longer. Its offensive powers are further enhanced by the fact that it is Dark typed, which gives it access to STAB attacks that deliver extra damage.

The balanced distribution of Scrafty’s statistics makes it an excellent offensive and defensive unit. It can take damage from physical attackers thanks to its solid Defense and base HP stats, and it can deal damage back with to its respectable Attack and Special Defense stats. Due to its well-rounded abilities, Scrafty is a significant asset to any squad because it can transition between offensive and defensive roles as needed.

Having access to the Intimidate ability is just one more reason why Scrafty is one of the best fighting type Pokémon. When Scrafty enters the battlefield, its Intimidate ability immediately gives it an advantage in physical battles by reducing the Attack stat of enemy Pokémon. Scrafty becomes a formidable support Pokémon with enhanced defensive capabilities and the capacity to thwart the opponent’s tactics thanks to its ability.

With its exceptional fighting skills and specialization as a setup sweeper, Scrafty has carved out a special place for itself in the competitive arena. Scrafty becomes an extremely dangerous offensive threat when it learns skills like Bulk Up and Dragon Dance, which greatly increase its Attack and Defense numbers, respectively. Scrafty may easily steamroll past opposition teams once it is put up since it becomes very difficult to knock down.

In addition, Scrafty is often considered to be one of the top fighting-type Pokémon due to its widespread use in competitive battles. Its unusual typing, movepool, and versatility have made it a staple on numerous winning teams in different formats. Scrafty has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to compete at the highest level in a wide range of formats, including singles, doubles, and more specialized ones like VGC (Video Game Championships).


Hawlucha looks impressive at first sight. It makes a formidable impression with its striking combination of green and yellow plumage embellished with red markings that resemble a mask around the eyes. Its luchador-inspired design pairs well with its birdlike body, and it even has wing-like arms that look like a wrestler’s cape and a crest that looks like a mask. This distinctive style not only conveys the fighting spirit and dramatic flare of Hawlucha, but it also makes the brand readily identifiable.

The way Hawlucha performs in combat is just remarkable. Its dual typing as a Fighting and Flying type gives it an advantage over many different types of Pokémon. Its Fighting typing lets it deal massive damage to a wide variety of opponents, including Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark, and Ground types, but its Flying typing protects it against Ground-type attacks. With his typings combined, Hawlucha becomes an unstoppable force in battle, confidently facing forth against a wide variety of enemies.

The remarkable speed and agility of Hawlucha is one of its strongest points. Thanks to its superhuman speed, it can outmaneuver its enemies and acrobatically whirl around the battlefield. Hawlucha is a difficult opponent to pin down because of its mobility, which allows it to strike quickly and avoid assaults successfully. This nimbleness is on full display in Hawlucha’s trademark move, High Jump Kick, in which the Pokémon soars through the air before precisely kicking its opponent.

Not only that, Hawlucha has a varied movepool, which means it may use a wide range of effective strategies. Hawlucha offers a wide array of moves to outmanoeuvre and overwhelm its opponents, including the devastating Flying Press, which combines the power of its Flying and Fighting typings into a single devastating blow, the crowd-pleasing Acrobatics, and the disruptive Taunt. By consuming its possessed item, its ability Unburden doubles its speed stat, making it faster than even the fastest enemies. This greatly improves its agility and speed.

Hawlucha is loved by trainers and fans for more than just its impressive fighting skills. Its dramatic flourishes and flamboyant moves are a trademark of its performances, which are known to be both entertaining and entertaining to spectators. Its unfaltering resolve to achieve makes it an invaluable asset to any team, and its intense devotion to its trainer motivates everyone around it to do their best.

Hawlucha proves to be an excellent choice for both the offensive and support positions in competitive encounters. With its varied movepool and combination of typing, speed, and power, it can adapt to many strategies and playstyles, making it a formidable opponent against a wide spectrum of opponents. Hawlucha is one of the top Fighting-type Pokémon in competitive play, and it displays its effectiveness whether used as a lead attacker, a sweeper in the late game, or a disruptive support Pokémon.


The ability to switch between Grass and Fighting typings gives Breloom an edge in both offense and defense, making it stand out from the crowd. Because of its dual type, Breloom has a diversified movepool that it may use to effectively oppose a variety of opponents. With its Fighting Type, it can access a wide variety of lethal Fighting moves like Close Combat and Dynamic Punch, in addition to potent Grass moves like Seed Bomb and Energy Ball. With its remarkable adaptability, Breloom proves to be an unbeatable foe on any battlefield.

Breloom also has a fantastic distribution of base stats, with Attack and Speed standing out. Breloom is able to deal massive damage to its enemies, frequently causing them to be knocked out quickly before they can react, thanks to its strong Attack stat and availability to powerful physical abilities such as Mach Punch and Drain Punch. And because it’s faster than normal, Breloom can outrun a lot of enemies, giving it the advantage to launch an early attack and keep the pressure on later on.

The ability to put a target to sleep instantaneously is one of Breloom’s most famous powers. Battles can turn on a dime when Breloom uses this move to stun enemies, setting up a follow-up attack or transferring to a teammate for a better matchup. Among the best Fighting-type Pokémon, Breloom excels thanks to its status affliction ability, which allows it to dictate the tempo of battle.

Because of its Grass Type, which protects it against common Electric, Ground, and Water attacks, Breloom is not only a formidable attacker, but it also has decent defensive skills. The fact that Breloom can take damage and yet launch devastating counterattacks is more proof that it is a top-tier Fighting-type Pokémon.

The strategic adaptability of Breloom goes beyond its movepool and stats. Trainers can customize its function to match their team’s individual demands thanks to its vast variety of possible powers. Poison Heal passively heals when poisoned, and Technician increases the power of Breloom’s weaker attacks, making it more damaging overall. At the same time, Breloom’s Hidden Ability, Technician, reinforces its lower basic power moves, increasing its combat prowess.

Trainers all around the globe agree that Breloom is one of the top Fighting-type Pokémon when it comes to competitive combat. Its versatility as a devastating attacker and a perplexing support Pokémon makes it a great addition to any squad. Breloom proves time and time again why it belongs among the top Fighting-type Pokémon, whether it’s spearheading an attack or offering strategic usefulness with its status-inducing moves.

Beyond its dominance in competitive fights, Breloom has won over Pokémon enthusiasts with its charming design and unforgettable media appearances. Breloom has become a beloved Pokémon for fans of all ages due to its distinctive combination of adorable and frightening looks and its exceptional fighting skills.


Trainers throughout the world were captivated by Blaziken’s stunning appearance and unmistakable power upon its introduction in the Hoenn region as the last evolution of Torchic. Its flamboyant plumage and sturdy legs give it the appearance of a martial artist in a colorful robe. A formidable opponent in any conflict, its towering stature and menacing stare exude an air of self-assurance and resolve.

Blaziken is an outstanding challenger in offensive and defensive scenarios, thanks in large part to its remarkable statistics. Blaziken is multi-talented and can thrive in several types of battles thanks to its 530 base stats, which include outstanding Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats. With its strong Speed stat, it can outrun most opponents, and its Attack and Special Attack stats keep it unrivaled offensively.

In addition to its already remarkable Speed stat, Blaziken’s special Ability, Speed Boost, makes it even more so. Blaziken gains the ability to outmaneuver and strike with deadly force as its Speed improves with each passing turn in combat. With its offensive power amplified and its ability to out-smart slower opponents, Blaziken becomes an unstoppable force in combat.

Blaziken is able to adjust to different types of battles thanks to its varied move pool, which complements its outstanding stats and Ability. Unmatched in strength, Blaziken can unleash deadly punches upon its opponents with moves like High Jump Kick, Close Combat, and Sky Uppercut, all of which are Fighting-type moves. On top of that, it can defend against a broad variety of Pokémon types thanks to its Fighting-type strikes and Fire-type moves like Flare Blitz and Blaze Kick.

Blaziken’s adaptability in battle is further enhanced by its move pool, which includes a number of support and status moves. Blaziken improves its stats, withstands blows, and sets up for deadly sweeps with moves like Swords Dance, Bulk Up, and Protect. Blaziken also has the ability to learn Stone Edge and Thunder Punch, which protect it from Pokémon of the Flying, Water, and Rock types.

Blaziken is a cherished icon among Pokémon lovers due to its depth in character, design, and legend, in addition to its fighting skill. Its ferocious look and design, which draws inspiration from martial arts, convey a feeling of passion and resolve, mirroring its dogged quest for triumph in combat. In addition, the legend of Blaziken as a Pokémon that trains relentlessly to perfect its combat techniques echoes ideas of commitment and persistence, motivating trainers to pursue greatness with their ferocious partner.


The robust physique and menacing temperament of Kommo-o might provide the impression of imposingness at first sight. As it glimmers in the light, its metallic scales reveal its armored might. In its two-legged stance, Kommo-o displays an air of self-assuredness and dogged persistence, appearing prepared to confront any adversary that crosses its way.

The remarkable distribution of Kommo-o’s stats is what makes it stand out as a top Fighting-type Pokémon. Kommo-O offers amazing offensive and defensive capabilities with a base stat total of 600. With 110 for Attack and 110 for Special Attack, it can deal massive damage with physical and special attacks alike. It is also resistant to strikes from a wide range of enemies because to its base Defense of 125 and its Special Defense of 100. Thanks to his versatile statistics, Kommo-o may be a punishing attacker or a sturdy tank, depending on the situation.

The movepool of Kommo-o further establishes it as a top Fighting-type Pokémon. A vast assortment of devastating strikes is at its disposal, including physical ones like Close Combat and Outrage as well as special ones like Clanging Scales and Flamethrower. Because of its adaptability, Kommo-o can successfully counter other Pokémon and adapt to diverse conditions. In addition, Kommo-o has the ability to learn status skills like Bulk Up and Dragon Dance, which can strengthen its defenses or increase its offensive power.

The Kommo-o signature move, Clanging Scales, is one of its most distinctive features. This Dragon-type attack weakens Kommo-o’s Defense stat while dealing massive damage to the target. Although it appears to be a disadvantage, it really works nicely with Kommo-ability o’s, Bulletproof. Clanging Scales’ Defense reduction is less of a concern when equipped with Bulletproof, as it provides immunity to specific attacks. This includes a number of moves typically performed by Fairy and Grass-type Pokémon.

The broad movepool and outstanding stats of Kommo-o make it a formidable opponent in battle. Its adversaries are left guessing as to its next move thanks to its ability to flip between physical and special assaults. In addition, it can deliver massive damage against a variety of Pokémon with to its availability to powerful STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves, such as Dragon Pulse and Dragon Claw, thanks to its Dragon typing.

Beyond its attacking powers, Kommo-o has strategic utility. It is a useful support Pokémon because it can set entry hazards and disrupt the opponent’s strategy with its access to techniques like Stealth Rock and Taunt. Soundproof, one of its abilities, makes it immune to attacks that rely on sound, increasing its usefulness and adaptability in combat.

The Mega Evolution that Kommo-o receives in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire adds to its already formidable stats and movepool, giving it an even greater advantage in combat. Mega Kommo-o’s Attack and Special Attack stats get a major boost, and it gets a new ability called Tough Claws, which makes contact moves more powerful. Thanks to these upgrades, Mega Kommo-o is now an even more devastating opponent, able to wipe out whole teams with ease.


In the fourth iteration of the Pokémon series, Gallade debuted as a symbol of power, elegance, and wit. It has a plethora of strong moves and strategic advantages thanks to its uncommon combination of the Psychic and Fighting types. Its design conveys an unmatched sensation of martial strength with its pointed, blade-like arms and intense stare.

The remarkable statistics and extensive move pool of Gallade are its most distinguishing features. With pinpoint accuracy and overwhelming power, Gallade may unleash devastating attacks such as Close Combat, Psycho Cut, and Leaf Blade throughout combat. These attacks demonstrate Gallade’s versatility in combat and cause massive damage to opponents. No matter the type of enemy it’s up against, Gallade may switch up its attack and move swiftly to deal deadly damage.

The ability to Mega Evolve is one of Gallade’s strongest points. Mega Evolution gives Gallade a huge boost to its Attack and Speed stats, making it even more powerful than it was before. With this metamorphosis, Gallade has superhuman strength, making it a formidable foe in combat. Mega Gallade is one of the top Fighting-type Pokémon because of its increased strength and agility, which allow it to easily outmanoeuvre and overpower opponents.

Additionally, Gallade has a special attack called False Swipe that it can use to make its opponents weaker without actually knocking them out. If you’re a trainer trying to catch a rare Pokémon or make smart use of your opponent’s health, this move is a must-have. Gallade’s versatility and tactical expertise are on display in its usefulness, which goes beyond its sheer force capabilities.

With good defensive statistics, Gallade can take hits from a variety of opponents, complementing its outstanding offensive ability. Thanks to its Fighting typing, it is immune to Ghost-type moves, while its Psychic typing gives it great resistance to Fighting-type attacks. With its unique set of resistances, Gallade becomes a Pokémon that can weather extended battles and come out on top, even against the most fearsome foes.

In addition, if a Dark-type attack hits Gallade, its Attack stat is increased by its special ability Justified. With each successive strike, Gallade can shift the momentum of the battle in its favor, and it also makes opponents think twice before unleashing Dark-type techniques. Rapidly increasing its offensive power, Gallade may overcome even the most strong opponents by taking advantage of their weaknesses.

Trainers looking to assemble strong teams often use Gallade for competitive battles due to its adaptability and power. Because it can switch between physical and special attacks, trainers can modify its moveset to fit their needs and the needs of their teams. As one of the top Fighting-type Pokémon, Gallade never fails to impress in combat, whether as a dependable sweeper or a disruptive utility Pokémon.

Fans connect with Gallade on a deeper level than only its fighting skills, because to its design and backstory. Trainers and admirers are captivated by its majestic beauty and noble temperament, which conjures up visions of heroic knights. Reflecting the fundamental principles of loyalty and companionship that characterize the Pokémon brand, the relationship between Gallade and its trainer is characterized by mutual regard and trust.


Its sleek, muscular body and piercing crimson eyes give Toxicroak an air of dominance that could be frightening at first look. Dark markings that look like tribal tattoos decorate its vivid blue skin, adding to its mystique and suggesting that it may have originated as a land-and-water species. Toxicroak may have a frightening appearance, but what really makes it a top fighting type Pokémon is its deadly toolbox of moves and skills.

The fact that Toxicroak is so good at fighting close quarters is one of its most distinctive features. Any battlefield will be no match for Toxicroak’s destructive attacks, which it delivers with fast speed and pinpoint accuracy thanks to its muscular limbs and razor-sharp claws. Its fighting prowess is amplified by its remarkably accurate move prediction and countering abilities, which make it a fearsome opponent even against Pokémon that have type advantages.

The special poison attacks that Toxicroak uses are what really make it different from other Pokémon of the fighting type. The unique glands of a poison-type Pokémon, Toxicroak, allow it to inject its opponents with needle-like fingertips or spew a lethal mist into the air. To further advantage Toxicroak in battle, this venom does direct harm to its opponents and can also induce numerous detrimental effects like paralysis or bewilderment.

On top of that, Toxicroak’s poisonous powers go beyond only physical harm. It has an unmatched advantage in battles against poison-type Pokémon or opponents that use poisonous techniques since its acute senses can detect even the tiniest levels of toxins in its environment. Plus, it can stave off assaults that would knock out weaker Pokémon because to Toxicroak’s tolerance to numerous toxic substances.

Not only does Toxicroak have incredible fighting abilities, but it also has a clever mind that lets it outwit its enemies and adjust to different situations on the field. With its astute intuition and strategic mind, it can devise intricate battle plans or mercilessly exploit its enemies’ defense flaws, making it an invaluable addition to any team.

But Toxicroak’s dogged persistence and unyielding resolve are what really make it a top fighting type Pokémon. In spite of encountering difficult foes and overcoming several obstacles, Toxicroak remains resolute and relentless in its quest for triumph. Thanks to its indefatigable will and resiliency, Toxicroak is a dangerous foe that can overcome any challenge.

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